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5 Things That Student Should Know Before to Going Abroad For Study


Faremakers give salute to all the students who have aimed to go abroad for the higher study on scholarship. It is a very proud segment even for whole nation that our future going to abroad on scholarship and they will back homeland with the ambition of the development of the motherland. We are true patriots, because Pakistan makes us an international brand, as we wish our nation, especially Youth get more success and make this country more popular and listed top in best countries. But our student falls into a confusion situation that, how they manage at international level, the budget maintains issues, which flight is best for going? We have clear to all you, don’t be panic, and just be excited on your study trip. Firstly, just go for best flight ticket like PIA ticket reservation, its safely approaches you on your dreamy destination where you will be to fulfill your dreams and put up heads of your parents with proud. Second, we are going to share with you all the elements which you should know before going abroad for study. So, let’s pinch-up-self and get up because you are not in dream, actual going to abroad by knowing below facts.

1. Countries Offer Free Study:

Many students did not aware from the countries which offer scholarship or free education due to it they can’t apply in these countries and skip the chance of abroad learning. But it will not happen again, because we provide you list of all that countries where you can apply for free education and avail this chance on your merit base. The countries names are listed here; Germany, Brazil, France, Austria, Australia and even London also offer scholarships. So, students reserve your Lahore to London PIA flight go to and fulfill your dream.

2. Avoid Extra Stuff:

Students, please don’t bring extra luggage with you and don’t left necessary items behind. Try to bring with you in the luggage your clothes according to the climate of that country, like if there is winter, then you just bring jeans, sweaters, wool shirts and upper, socks, boots (shoes). Put first your documents, tickets, passports and scholarship slip must. Try to vaccinate yourself and according it medicines and precautions must have in your bags. All these necessities bring with you abroad and most important some notes and books also put in bag.

3. Up to Date Currency Exchange Rates:

When you are deciding where to apply for study abroad, then many students assume that the US dollar had the same worth as five months ago. No, it’s not so that because currency values change every day basis. small differences can make a big impact on your budgets. So, update yourself from the currency ups and down and timely exchange your currency with abroad currency. Students don’t bother this step of currency; therefore we are mentioning this step in the basic things.

4. Register with Home-Government:

Students are going overseas, might be any hurdle can drop the contact, might be possible that your Wi-Fi signal going to weak or spotty, your phone going to out of coverage due to the huge distance, sometime may you are on your research project and can’t able to answering your phone. In all that condition obviously your families worried rapidly about you, to remove these worries, you should register your semester with your home-government, the government has become on their radar and knows who to contact in an emergency.

5. Consult With Embassy:

In case of any trouble you first go the embassy of that state. Keep safe the phone number in your diary or in the phone, this type of services always active 24/7 for the help. But it is possible when you use your senses and immediately contact with the embassy and call them for help. When you have the embassy contact number, then you need to worry.

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