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Let’s Celebrate The Freedom With Respect, Dignity And Equality.

celebration-of-independence-day gives tribute to the Pak Sar Zameen (the pure land) Pakistan, because today, if we stand there with proud then it’s all due to our homeland. On 14th August the entire nation celebrates the national day to rejoice the fruit of progress and freedom and commemorate the success of their ancestor’s struggle for an independent state. This day encourages us about the senior’s efforts and brings the flow of unity in all the Pakistani to remain our land peaceful and free from the enemy’s bad eyes. On this day the local public holiday held in the country and flags that are the symbol of our country and the glory of nation hoisted on the buildings, even protocol parade are organized at the tomb of Quaid e Azam Muhammad Ali Jinnah in the sense to pay tribute to him because it’s all efforts credit goes to Quaid and his all companions like Allama Muhammad Iqbal (the poet of East).Today, we provide many Airlines Tickets Offers for all the true Patriots, they should come homeland and celebrate the independence day day, history is the witness of the great sacrifices of truly Patriots.

Celebration With Respect, Dignity And The Unity:

In the subcontinents, the Hindus rules on the Muslims with cruelty, severity and did oppressions on them, Muslims live even in their own houses as a prisoner. The females were not safe under the roof, no one goes Mosque for the prayer, if anyone did that then therianthropic put violation on the Muslims. But the Muslims could not compromise with their self respect and the dignity because these both elements are the symbol of the Muslims or Islam. Respect and dignity make the men positive thinks to live in the society with the worth or give value to him that their discrimination between anyone. Muslims knew it that, they avail the respect and dignity only the basis of the equality and the unity. If the follow their Prophet (P.B.U.H) rules then they can live with respect and dignity on their separate state, which allow them all possible freedom to live safely, go for prayer without fear, females will be safe, no discrimination among them because equality mean is the unity without any stereotype. Our forefather sacrifices were for the Pakistan (peaceful land) and the struggle for an independent Muslim’s homeland was led by Muhammad Ali Jinnah and he got fabulous success for solidified with the partition of India and the creation of Pakistan on August 14, 1947. No doubt, we have loss many Patriots in this campaign of separate homeland, but Alhamdullilah! No one gave up and get the state from the gripper of the enemies.

Celebration With Zeal & Zest:

The nation celebrates this 14 August 2019 with full of enthusiasm, excitement and with passion. The children décor the walls and balconies with small paper flags called as Jhandia. the Green and white fairy lights illuminate along the streets, people wear green and white dresses, markets are full of décor with green and white color items or clothes. The badges and the masks the speakers sold in the stalls, independence dramas and stories telecast on the television. All are the symbol of the unity and the equality in our country. PIA - Pakistan International Airlines Flights gives special tribute to his flag carrier country and also offers cheap fare to the passenger in the Independence month.

When we apply unity and equality in the country then we can able to live there with respect and dignity because both are very essential to live satisfying life. May Allah give freedom to the Kashmiris in this freedom month and stop Indians to atrocities and gross human right violations in occupied valley. Ameen!

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