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A Canadian Biker - Rosie Gabrielle Exploring Pakistan


As a Pakistani, it’s really great news for us because when overseas visits our country. Recently a Canadian biker girl by the name of Rosie Gabrielle visit Pakistan on Baki, and she shares her sentiments after riding across Pakistan.

Pakistan is constantly confronting the issue of negative imaging abroad. Occupied with the most affable masses, stunning scenes, the nation anticipates a picture branding through the lens of amicable voyagers all set to take a profound adventure that will be a life-changing background.

Rosie Gabrielle is one such adventure-loving backpacker, who doesn’t believe in preconceived notions and is set on finding the truth herself. She says "This is Pakistan. This is the country of Peace and Love. And this is my unedited experience so far. As a solo female traveling by motorcycle.

The motorcyclist, who quit her place of employment two years back to live her fantasy of riding solo, has been reporting her visit on her web-based life pages. Only two or three days prior, Gabrielle took to Instagram to share her encounters here. "Everybody revealed to me it was too risky to even consider coming to Pakistan as a solitary female, not to mention ride a cruiser the nation over. Presently 1,500kms into my visit, I can disclose to you firsthand what it resembles to travel Pakistan as an independent female and what I've encountered up until this point," she started.

"Innumerable grins and cheers of delight as I pass individuals and they understand it's a female riding. Various ideas to remain in neighborhood homes any place I stop. Families are continually welcoming me to remain with them. When I stop for chai or snacks at a store, frequently somebody will get it for me, or the proprietor won't let me pay, saying, I'm a visitor in their nation and they couldn't imagine anything better than to blessing this to me."

Canadian girl Gabrielle concluded her post saying, “The People have labeled Pakistan as dangerous or said its people aren’t good. And I’ve seen how that personally affects them here. It carries them to tears to have such allegations and it makes me extremely upset to comprehend what is said and how they're dealt with abroad.”

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bilal ahmed khan

bilal ahmed khan
09/14/2019 |

soon, Pakistan will be the no 1 travel destination in the world


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