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Hajj Journey 2019: Things You Should Know About



The month Dhu Al Hijjah is going to start, it’s one of the blessing months for the Muslims. going to describe the “hajj”, calm down, we also knew it, that all Muslim clients clear about it but our clients among from the Non-Muslims. Therefore, we bring this piece of article for them and as well as for the Muslim to recall the purpose of Holy Pilgrimage. Move ahead, Hajj is performed in the last month of the lunar calendar that is called Dul Al Hijjah and every Muslim who has financial sources, must perform it once in the life. Hajj is the pillar of Islam which covers faith, fasting, charity and the prayer only for the Allah. If you realizing, Hajj (that give chance to the Muslims to unify their faith and the beliefs for Allah) which is annual six or ten day to Makkah (Saudi Arabia) giving the opportunity to wipe the sins and clean the soul to start the life with pure positive acts as Rasool Allah (P.B.U.H) told us.

More than two million Muslims by wearing Ihram go to this Fareeza every year through the PIA Ticket Reservation by loudly saying “Labaik Allahuma Labaik”. All are followed the step of the last Prophet of Allah Muhammad (P.B.U.H) because the first biggest Hajj done by the Holy Prophet centuries ago with the great group of Muslims. Every Muslim has spiritual desire to go for the Hajj or Umrah (it is lesser from the hajj that can perform anytime during the year while Hajj only perform in the Dhu Al Hijjah), that’s why, we are here to fulfill our customers desire because it a pure wishes that should be fulfill and we feel proud to provide you chances for the Hajj in very reasonable fares. Now, without wasting any single moment just log in and get your flight information. Scroll down for the further details about hajj that you must know before going to Hajj.

Historical Back Ground Of Hajj:

Let’s look over the occurrence of the Hajj or the history of it. When 1400 years ago, the caliphate and the followers back to Makah with the Holy Prophet for the purpose of the Hajj, then those accompanying noticed or observed all the steps very finely even every single move or step and spread it among the Muslins and wrote it on the books that are same as perform till nowadays.

The real history of the performance of this holy obligation is in the preference of the Prophet Ibrahim, his wife and his son. Prophet Ibrahim (Khalil UL Allah) and his son Prophet Ismael (zabee UL Allah) built the Khana khaba with the Order of Allah and the wall the black stone carved in the wall that angel Gabriel brought from the Paradise/heaven. Once Allah ordered to the Prophet Ibrahim, sent his wife and Islmail (A.S) in the desert (it was ancient Makah) lonely. The child (Hazrat Ismael) of Hagar (wife of Ibrahim A.S) was very thirsty and Hagar runs with anxiety for finding the water between the two hills Al Safa and the Al Marwa, even seven times continuously. The last seven times she returned then she saw a miracle by the Allah, Ismael scratching the ground for the thirst, from where the spring of water appeared naturally (SubhanAllah, it can happen in the dessert) and continuously flow out then the Hazrat Hagar put stones around it and said ZAM ZAM mean the water please stopped, stopped. This converted into the Well of ZAM ZAM and the water flow out from it even till the last day of the universe. Those steps of Hagar become the essential rituals of the Hajj all the runs around the both small two Hills then the Pilgrimage going to complete.

Further Rituals Of Hajj:

Let’s discuss following steps which completed the Hajj are written below.


It is the beginning of the Hajj, pilgrimers go to the Makah and move around it counter-clock-wise direction to the devotion towards only Khaliq e Haqeeqi, then they run around the Hills and go to the Mina (where the Prophet Ibrahim stoned the Iblees) for staying one night there.


The holy Prophet (P.B.U.H) gave his last sermon and beliefs of all Muslims that in the Doomsday all souls will gather there.

Stoning Jamrat Al Aqabah:

The last step of Hajj is to stoning the Devil as Hazrat Ibrahim stoned on it. We recommended to all the Muslims just pay Air Blue Ticket Price and get the precious chance to perform this ritual in the healthy life.

Eid Al Adha:

At the end, the sacrifices of Sheep or animals for the Allah as Allah replace the Sheep with the Hazrat Ismael (A.S) and offered the Namaz of Eid UL Adha as thanksgiving prayers.

Tawaf Al Ifadha:

This is the final last Tawaf around Kaba before going to the Al-Haram in the sort of that, Allah fulfills the Hajj and for the love of Prophet Place which must have to leave in this day.

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