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10 Things To Do In Muscat - Oman


Are you looking for an immediately fascinating, amazing and wanted city Muscat to spend holidays with your family and friends? If definitely, yes, then you are on the right place, facilitate you about the Muscat enjoyable places. Muscat was found 900 years ago and it is located on the edge of the rough desert landscapes and some mesmerizing emerald seas holding that beautiful charm. This city is very mystical and charming with the amazing hospital atmosphere that warmly welcomes the tourists by offering the historical attraction sites, souks (markets) and the piece of coastline, it is a very wide city and every location is a bit different from the other one, each separated by the stony mountains that crisscross the beauty and become the reason to enhance this gorgeous city love among that tourists who prefer PIA Booking to reach there. Due to the crisscross separation, Muscat is far apart with each other locations, but this has clear roads that make the distances seem short. So, don’t wait further as there are many places to see and do and this city will surely give you the pleasure of visiting again.

1. Istanboly Restaurant:

Istanboly restaurants or coffee shops are located in the Al-Khuwair area, its total 4 restaurants are opened there that compete with each other to get the customers by serving the tasty Turkish delicacies to the local of the Muscat because local of the Muscat are found of the Turkish cuisine food such as grilling shawarma, they like to eat Turkish ingredients making items. The tourists and the Muscat citizens visited this area even in the late night.

2. Muscat Festivals:

The festivals organized in the Muscat around the various venues like Al Amerat, Naseem Garden and near to the Seeb Barka Hwy to the welcoming of the capital’s year. In the funfair exhibitions are from the different regions, fireworks night, craft displaying, and show a replica of the Omani village that is making sweets, laser shows, traditional dancing, clothes, fashion shows, china import furniture from Pakistan and lots of other acts and sweet juices in very cheap prices.

3. Muscat Souk:

This is one of the best shopping areas which are located on the Corniche of the old town. This market is mini, but all necessitates are available there at very affordable rates. If you want to buy tiny little things of daily routine like spices, make up, silver aromatic frankincense, gifts and many other all important items, just prefer to come there because the shopkeepers are very friendly to deal with the customers.

4. Wadi Shab:

Wadi Shab is the absolutely right place to spend an entire day along the coast and the mountain after the long drive because this visiting place is almost 90 minutes drive distance from the city Muscat and you have to park your vehicle for an hour walking distance, but when you reach on the spot, you are surrounded by wonderful mountains and there is also a beautiful mountain river that does not flow! You can dive-in swim or even walk until you find a small cave for you.

5. Sultan’s Palace:

The Sultan’s palace is finely designed by the architecture with its mushroom pillars in Blue and gold on outsides, palm trees planted site on the path to the roundabout which is surrounded by royal court buildings and the national museum. Today, this place is used by elite people for ceremonial purposes and restricted for the public.

6. Tea Shops:

Muscat people are the victim of the Karak tea or chai. There are lots of coffee shops or special tea shop which offer karak chai to the citizens. It is sweet milk drink that available 24/7 and people drink almost three times a day, it is a local alcohol of the Muscat. So, don’t feel shy to buy it because it is a refreshing drink.

7. Bait Al Zubair:

Bait Al Zubair is very lovely privately own Museum that just used to the exhibits Omani heritage for displaying traditional handicraft, stamp & royal coins, furniture and etc. This has become the cultural centre of the Muscat. There is organized new cafe and shops that offers quality food to the visitors and this museum hosting of the international exhibition of contemporary art in the gallery, that famous ad the Gallery Sarah.

8. Mumtaz Mahal:

It is the best Indian restaurants in the Muscat that offer Mughlai cuisine. It is the part of the landscape of this city. This restaurant interior is on the small traditional tables, lantern light that attract to the local legends with its mouth watering taste. If you also want to taste the Mughlai cuisine, then just pay the prices of the Lahore To Muscat Air Blue Ticket Price and make your buds more tasteful.

9. Bait Al Luban:

Bait Al Luban is located opposite to the Mutrah’s fish market; this luxurious restaurant is housed renovated as the guest house in the 140 years ago. It serves Omani cuisine like vegetarian stews and mezze.

10. The Grand Mosque:

Let’s visit modern Islamic architecture because it is most famous tourist attraction, its interior and exterior was designed very carefully according to the glorious masterpiece that was gifted by the Sultan Qaboos. Its prayer hall is rich in its design; this place also has the second largest hand-loomed Iranian carpet. This place is a must visit for you, just log in and buy cheap flight tickets to reach there and explore the Islamic heritage in the Muscat-Oman.

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