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Saudi Arabia Cancel The Repeat Umrah Fees


Good News:

Muslims have the only desire to approach the Holy Land, whenever Allah allows them or call to them His home, whether multiple times in a year, but it’s become difficult for the Muslims because individual have to pay the fee again for the visa, every candidate paid approximately 2000 riyals for the second time tour to Saudi Arabia for the purpose of Umrah. But, brings the spiritual blessing news all the Muslims of Pakistan and even all around the world Muslims. Yes, you all will pleased to hear about the current news. Now, everyone can go to Umrah with the Umrah Packages multiple times in a year without paying double fee of visa.

Request By The PM Of Pakistan:

It’s really fantastic news, which we are sharing with you that last year the P.M of Pakistan Imran Khan had humble requested to the Saudi Arabia Crown King Muhammad Bin Salman to waive the tax of second Umrah (which is performed within the one year) which was about 2,000 riyals by the government of the Saudi.

Acceptance Of The Saudi Arabia:

By the Grace of Allah Almighty! The Arab’s government accepts the request and had issued the royal decree restricting visit, cancelling the repeat fee of Umrah. This is one of the biggest heart breaking news for all the Muslims, especially Pakistanis because the majority of the last Prophet Followers is found in the Pakistan with the Saudi Arabia.

According To Arab News Sources:

The Saudi Minister for the HAJJ & Umrah, Dr. Mohammad Salih Bentin said that “the royal Decree is the one leaf of the leadership’s willingness or keenness to facilitate the arrival of Muslims from the global village to the purpose of Hajj AND Umrah”.

Source Of Radio Pakistan Reported:

In the statement on Wednesday which is held in the Islamabad: the religious affair federal minister Noor ul Haq Qadri respected and the welcomed the Saudi’s decision regarding the waived of tax of 2,000 riyal on repeating the Umrah within one year. And Mr. Qadri said the Saudi Ministry of Hajj and Umrah has officially informed Pakistan about this awesome announcement which is a welcoming step of relaxation.

Contact Us:

After hearing or reading this fabulous news, don’t waste time on the thinking. Just design your Umrah tour with your family once again in this year with paying 2,000 riyal taxes. This is the greatest chance and the bounty of Allah Who given the chance to His creature to visit the Holy places more than 1 time in the year. We are sprinkling the PIA Online Booking offer to all the Passengers, visit the and make your planning true with us or you can reserve your flights or Package on Tele Communication by dialing the (111 147 111) and get most affordable fare and travel deals, because make your traveling cheap, save & sound and easy is our top prime priority.

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