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5 Historical Facts You Should Know About Pakistan


Pakistan country is loving and attractive portion of the earth planet with all the positive elements such as; natural beauty, rich history, attractive views, multiple cultural heritage, hospitable nation and infect, it speaks itself about its ancient civilization. Definitely, it is a magnificent city with the many historical facts. Actually, Pakistan is officially the Islamic Republic State. This country has 4 major provinces (Punjab, Sindh, Balochistan and Khyber Pakhtunkhaw), that tourists can easily visit by paying Serene Air Ticket Price because it is one of the domestic airlines of Pakistan. The total area of the country is approximately 796,095 sq km. Karachi (city of Sindh) is the biggest city and Islamabad is the capital city of Pakistan and it has 4 bordering countries are (India, Afghanistan, Iran, and China). This breathtaking country has two official (Urdu and English) languages while Urdu its national language and its currency is rupees. The country has many historical features which all are extraordinary worth watching. All of you must know about the given below historical facts and even enjoying these foremost historical facts.

1. Noor Palace:

Noor Palace was built in Bahawalpur in 1872. Nawab Subah Sadiq Muhammad Khan IV was built this Palace for his wife. It covers the 44,600 sq feet area, design like an Italian chateau on neoclassical lines and it belonged to the Nawabs of Bahawalpur princely state, during British Ra. The Noor Mahal has double story building with 32 royal rooms with 14 in basements. The one of the beautiful Palace contains 6 verandas and 5 domes. According to historical fact, his wife refused to stay there because of the Basti Maluk Shah graveyard and just spent one night there.

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2. Empress Market:

The Empress Market are situated in the heart of Karachi at the Sadar bazaar location, it was built in the British era between the 1884 and 1889 and commemorate for the Queen Victoria, Empress of India. Many tourists came there with the Lahore To Karachi Flight Booking to see the construction of British Raj. But nowadays, it’s become very famous place, Karachi, where the multiple commodities are sold at the whole sale rate like, fruit, vegetables and meat to stationery material, textiles and pets etc.

3. Mehrgarh:

Mehar Garh is the Neolithic sites, which is located on the Kacchi plain of Balochistan near to the Bolan Pass. This was founded from the 9000 BC to 1700 BC. It was the oldest village of pottery and farming or cultural found. Now is seen as a precursor to the Indus Valley Civilization, displaying the whole sequence from earliest settlement and the start of agriculture, to the mature Harappa Civilization.

4. Takht-i-Bhai:

Takht-i-Bhai is the Buddist Monastery that is located near the Swat. it is an ancient Buddhist monastery. The monastery was founded it in the 1st century. The Takht-i-Bhai means the top hill. In 1980 the Takht-i-Bahi complex was listed as UNESCO World Heritage.

5. Mohenjo-Daro:

Mohenjo Daro was found in the Indus civilization and it discovered in 1920. According to the studies, this city is one of the world’s modern societies as the Egypt one. But now it is famous as the “city of deads”. Visitors must visit these sites to knowing about the Pakistan’s historical facts because now, you can easily explore Pakistan due to the promote tourism sector.

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