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Explore The Most Adventures Places In Pakistan


“Employment fill your pocket, adventure fill your soul”

Pakistan is beautiful and landscape blessed country (landscape is really diverse). It is stated that the mountains are the sleeping beauty of this country while it is also famous as the “Land of Peaks” and the epic sceneries of Northern sites are totally phenomenal. It is the home of the rich cultural heritage, ancient Silk Road, and ruins of Mohenjo-daro from lofty mountains in the north, the precipitous peaks of the Karakoram Range and the Himalayas through dissected plateaus to the rich alluvial plains of the Punjab or to the fertile Indus River plain. Faremakers, the Pakistan’s first only Travel Company believed that the Pakistan is a great place for adventure travel and backpacking because the government spends money on the promoting of our adventure tourism sector and pursue the adventurers to visit Pakistan. Its adventure places are most curious with the mightiest mountain ranges, snaking rivers of incredible speed and grand valleys, continue to enchant travelers, venture further afield and discover a lesser-known, wilder Pakistan with the Air Blue airline because it approaches all the Pakistan with promoting international destinations. Now time to move ahead to explore the Pakistan’s few most adventure places with us.

The British Society Stated That:

“Pakistan is the clear winner among the top 20 adventure travel destinations”

1. K2:

When we talk about the adventure places in Pakistan, then the K2 comes first in the list because it is more adventurous, bold places where just adventure lovers can reach at any cost. K2 climbing is the world’s difficult task because it’s towering approximately at 86, 11 meters above, therefore, it is the second largest mountain in the world not city. We know the adventure lover pack their bags to coming the K2, after read its height of peak because the relationship between the risk takers and K2 are very strong.

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2. Karachi:

Yes, Karachi is one of the adventurers’ cities because it held Parasailing near the beach. Definitely, it’s true; in the Pakistan it is actually held. Many tourists pay Lahore To Karachi Ticket Price and land on this destination with the comfort flights to see this adventure or some come to become a part of Parasailing. Parasailing, a breathtaking experience, allows the passenger to glide through the skies and don’t worry about the safety because many clubs organized its safety equipment. You can experience a view of ocean life and even the astonishing panoramic views will bring you the chance to discovering Karachi with new level.

3. Hunza Valley:

As the Hunza valley famous due to its natural peace, beauty as it is popular for its trekking. Yes, Hunza valley also offers trekking to the adventurers’ with the cool wind around scenic glaciers. Trekking is one of the famous adventures among the danger lovers, they feel pleasant during the trekking and take humbles very light and enjoy their trekking with the group.

4. Swat Valley:

Swat is very beautiful like a fairy land valley; mostly locals go there in the summer season to visit it. With other additional activities, Swat valley offer the river rafting through the swat river. This is the ideal place for the river rafting personalities in the Pakistan. The white and wild water provide the ultimate thrill and the adventure to you.

5. Gilgit Baltistan:

Gilgit Baltistan has the Lady Finger peak that is located in part of Karakoram Range Pakistan. This lady finger peat provides the rock climbing at 6000 meters with alpine approach. This is very challenging due to the steep and high mountain. It is very famous because of its immense height and less duration.

Additional Places:

The further adventure places names are given below for the additional information, which you can visit after the complete above them.

  • Noshaq Peak.
  • Kaghan Valley.
  • Deosai National Park.
  • Makran Coast.

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