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10 Imperative Things To Know Before You Travel To New York City


The city of dreams is a paramount place for artists, dreamers, tourists, and anyone who has a passion for exploration. Due to the diverse culture and convincing fashion, the city fills everyone with an enigmatic verve. Its stunning skyline and the out-of-the-world cuisine have the potential to put a magical spell on your soul. Indeed, your imagination towards the sightseeing would immediately change as soon as you breathe the air of this city.

Even though the hustle-and-bustle of New York fascinates everyone who prefers Cheap Flight Tickets, the city can also prove to be an intimidating place for first-time visitors. The cacophony of the crowd and the fast-moving life of the city might completely overwhelm your nerves, and you might deviate from the regular path. So, first-time travelers must get an in-depth knowledge of the unwritten code of conduct of the city. Luckily, we have come up with ten vital things that will help you to spend your days like a real New Yorker. Let’s get started.

1. Best Time To Visit New York:

You can visit this bustling city whenever you want. Each season in the city offers a number of reasons to visit. Early fall is suitable for the tourists looking for bright sun and comfortable temperatures while the late fall is perfect for the holiday decorations and Thanksgiving Day Parade.

Similarly, December to January is deep wintry season, but it also means better hotel rates. Plus, you will also have the chance to celebrate Christmas with unwavering zeal. The citizens of Pakistan get discounts on New York flights as the PIA Airline Ticket Price goes down during Christmas. The city welcomes the spring with extraordinary pomp as the people shop at outdoor markets, dance in the streets, and dine outside. The days of summer are hotter, and you can beat the heat by going to the nearby beaches.

2. Don’t Stop Walking:

People in New York walk fast, and it is important to maintain your pace and don’t stop walking. If you stop in the middle of the sidewalk, not only will you be hit by the walkers, but you will also invite their anger.

It is because the life in New York has a magical flow to it, and not disrupting that flow would be a saner approach. However, if you are tired or want to take a photo, then step to the side. Similarly, if you are traveling in the group or are standing on the escalators, then make sure you are not blocking the sidewalk. Leave a little space for others so that they can get around you.

3. Use The Inexpensive Subway:

The traffic in New York is horrible, and the taxis in the city are quite expensive. For instance, a 20-minute taxi ride will cost you about $40, which is definitely not worth it. However, if you prefer the subway, then you can get there in the same amount of time for under $4.

You can only use the subway if you have a metro card, which can be easily acquired through any subway station. The best way to get around the subway is through Google Maps. You just have to mention your direction and select the transit option. The app will conveniently inform you about the routes and stations.

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4. Don’t Bring Your Car To The Streets:

Driving or parking in New York City would not be an economical idea. If you drive your vehicle on the roads, you would be shocked to see the highly expensive cost of the bridge tolls. Similarly, finding a cheap parking place is nearly impossible as you would be charged as much as $100 for one-day parking.

If you have a car, then try to find the parking lot near Newark airport or New Jersey transit station. Here, you can park your car for the whole day in less than $25. However, if you can’t find the appropriate parking spot, then we recommend you download a parking app which will not only inform you about the available parking garages but also show you the cheapest ones.

5. Know What To Tip:

Tipping is a complicated choice while visiting any new city. In New York, you will be considered a penny-pincher if you don’t tip for restaurants, cabbies, bellhops, and other services. Generally, you are supposed to give 15% to 20% tip of your total bill. The workers do not like it when you give them only a few cents.

When it comes to taxis, most of them have an automated system where you can select the tip percentage. So, you must need to have enough money in your wallet if you want to be looked like a respectable person in New York.

6. Don’t Go To Times Square Unless You’re A Broadway Fan:

Times Square is a combination of overpriced things, chain restaurants, and huge crowds. You should certainly not visit Times Square during the day or rush hour. However, you can go there at night because the streets and shops would not be hugely crowded. Most of the shops here often charge extravagant prices, but if you do the proper research, then you can buy the same things at lower rates.

At night, Times Square is like daylight, and you will be able to capture the photos in the enlightening atmosphere. Indeed, it will look like it is the day of Christmas.

7. There Are Plenty Of Budget Options:

It is true that New York is one of the most expensive cities in the world to live and visit, but it does not mean at all that you can’t find the budget options. Indeed, you can find plenty of shops where the essential commodities are amazingly inexpensive.

In Manhattan, you can enjoy a number of free activities like concerts, music plays, and games. Similarly, you don’t need a car to go from one place to another. You can go anywhere in the city by public transport. In Chinatown, there are lots of cheap hotels from where you can satiate your food craving with the delicious cuisine.

8. Public Bathrooms Are Rare In New York:

Never forget to go to bathroom before you leave your resting place or hotel because it is extremely hard to find public toilets in the city. If you are outside and want to go to the bathroom, then look for Penn Station or the Grand Central Terminal. Or you can also use a special trick that would never fail. Just walk confidently into a famous hotel or bar and go straight to their bathroom. Keep in mind that confidence is the key. The onlookers will not bother to talk to you if your body language is reassuring.

9. Avoid The People Dressed In Costume:

When you visit an area that is crowded, you will notice a lot of Mickey’s, Spiderman’s and other movie characters dressed in enigmatic costumes. If you take a photo with them, they will instantly start demanding payment even though they did not inform you earlier that the photo would cost money. They can demand as high as $10 for a photo. Some of them also jump into your photos intentionally. So, try to avoid them if you really want to save some bucks.

Similarly, other guys will try to sell their CD by telling you ludicrous and fabricated tales. Don’t buy the CD from them as it could be a blank disc.

10. Best Dishes To Eat In New York:

Apart from offering the best shopping malls and stunning skyscrapers, the Big Apple is also acclaimed for its delicious cuisine. From spicy pizzas and sandwiches to the traditional falafel, New York has plenty of food items to keep you satisfied and occupied. The magical cuisine of New York is sure to leave you hungry for another visit. People living in Pakistan generally book Lahore To New York Flights just to taste the heavenly dishes of New York.

Bagel burger with cream cheese and smoked fish is popular among connoisseurs, while the dollar slice is the favorite item for the Pizza lovers. Furthermore, the exotic falafel with the fresh veggies will leave you stunned. Last but not least, if you are a rice lover, then the “meat over rice” dish will fulfill your appetite.


If you follow the essential pieces of advice mentioned in this article, no one would ever know whether you are a first-time traveler or an experienced New Yorker. Make sure to get a handy guidebook before you arrive so that you can conveniently explore everything. If you have finalized your plans for New York, then visit and book the online ticket for a smooth journey.

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