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Ways To Improve Tourism Framework In Pakistan


In 2019, Pakistan performed exceptionally well in the tourism sector. The country has superseded various other countries in enticing the tourists from all across the globe. Recently, Forbes magazine has declared Pakistan in the best “Under-the-Radar” trips of 2020. Similarly, various other reputable agencies of Europe and the Gulf have praised the concerted efforts of the successive governments to solidify the tourism sector.

Even though the tourism sector is magically booming in Pakistan, the existing anomalies and shortcomings must be paid heed to if the country wants to retain the unprecedented status in the years ahead. The complacency on the part of security agencies and government will certainly take the country back to point zero. Here, we are going to discuss some guidelines that will help the country to achieve sustainable growth in the tourism industry.

1. Consistent Delivery Of Services:

Consistent delivery of services is pivotal to maintain the flow of people to famous tourist destinations. Indeed, the delivery of quality services is considered the benchmark for the success of a place. For example, there are still various places in Pakistan that do not have the proper infrastructure of hotels. People have to utilize expensive transports to reach the primary tourist hubs. So, if the government establishes the hotels near the major tourist points, then people will not hesitate to take their feet out of their homes. Similarly, they would also be able to save money, which they can use for other recreational activities.

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2. Classification Of Hotels:

We know that the hotels in Pakistan mislead the people by boasting the so-called quality of their services. They try to woo the tourists by claiming that they have all the amenities, but in reality, they lack even the essential services. Just to charge the hefty sums, the hotel owners cleverly put their hotels in the list of 4-star or 5-star hotels. So, the government must classify the hotels as per the type of services and operations offered. The country cannot elevate the level of accommodation if there are no checks and balances in place. The government must ensure that the hotels are following a transparent framework.

3. Facilitating Foreign Tourists:

We should be facilitating the foreign tourists in every way possible so that they could come to the country through Cheap Flight Tickets in large numbers. Even though the incumbent government has abolished the condition of NOC for foreigners, much more needs to be done to boost their confidence in the government. Apart from maintaining their security, the government should also hire local people who can guide the foreigners on the complexities of the areas. Similarly, there should also be consistent efforts to accentuate the cultural beauty of the country for the foreigners.

4. Province Empowerment:

Instead of handling all the tourism-related stuff on its own, the federal government should devolve the powers to the pertinent provinces. This aspect had become more crucial after the passage of the 18th amendment. The federal government should allocate the funds for the provinces and ask their officials to leave no stone unturned to facilitate the local as well as foreign tourists.

Moreover, it is the responsibility of provincial governments to pay special heed to the tourism infrastructure of their provinces. Not only will it sustain economic growth, but it will also lessen the trust deficit among the people.

5. Promoting The Public-Private Partnership:

The services of PPP (Public-Private Partnerships) can also be utilized to enhance the capacity of the tourism sector. With the phenomenon of PPP, it has become easier for the government to shift the load to the private sector. The government devises the policy framework and then asks the private owners to follow the prescribed procedures. For many years, the PPP framework has been immensely effective in Airline Deals and hotel infrastructure. So, this potential can also be tapped in the tourism sector in order to create a sustainable tourism environment.

Final Thoughts:

For Pakistan, earning the status of the “Best Tourism Destination” is a landmark achievement, but the real test lies in preserving that status. If the government is serious about making Pakistan the next big thing for tourism, it must implement the strategies outlined in this piece.

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