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Explore The Most Historical Forts In Pakistan


Are you a history lover and believe in to appreciate the iconic castles? So, you don’t need to move ahead any other states or countries to see the historical forts because Pakistan have the iconic castles list that have the strong, rich layers of histories, ancient structure that are standing as the architectural masterpieces with their glory and dignity. This country has been ruled by the Alexander, Maurya, Afghans, British, Kushans, White Huns and Mughals before the independence. Therefore, this country has the numerous forts in the different areas that are a reflection to all those eras in the form of historic forts. Forts were the residence of the royal families and them one part is specified for the public and administration tasks, but now-a-days these forts are open for the public entertainment and to get a peek into the life-styles of the royal families who use to live in these king-size forts yesteryears. You can visit these historical treasures all around in Pakistan via the Serene Air Online Booking facility because below a list of some famous ancient and stunning forts have compiled a list that you can easily cover in the Pakistani tour.

“Most Ancient Forts In Pakistan”

Lahore Fort:

Lahore fort is also famed with the name of Shahi Qila. It is located at the Northern end of the popular walled city and this fort was built by the Mughal Royal dynasty’s emperor Akbar that is still in stunning condition more than 400 kanal lands. This fort is the famous historical place in the Pakistan that is the remarkable moment and the reminder of the glory of the Mughal time period. The unique structure is decorated with the iconic white marble (which is known as Naulakha canopy) that served as Emperor Shah Jahan’s private chambers. The other part was built on the Sheesh Mahal. Yes, this place in this fort is magnetizing the tourists in the huge amount in this complex. The thousands of mirrors and stones were carving in the reign of Jahangir.

Ranikot Fort:

Raniktot fort is located in the province of Sindh’s Jamshoro District. It was reconstructed in the year of 1812. Therefore, it is one of the ancient castles in Pakistan and it is also famous as the Great Wall of Sindh. It spread almost 332 kilometer area. This fort also makes you able to meet up with the ancient royal life of Sindh province. The majorities of the visitors throughout the year came there and explore its old pages. After exploring the Lahore fort, you should choose any one among Lahore To Karachi Flights and take it to approach the Ranikot because after landing in the Karachi city, you can easily approach this fort.

Ramkot Fort:

Ramkot is also one of the Pakistan’s famous forts that are successfully attracting the huge amount of the visitors due to the bluish background, which gives the picturesque and breathtaking scene. This oldest castle is situated in Azad Kashmir and it was built between the 16th and 17th centuries by the Muslim rulers. It is also famed as the Kahmir’s landmark because it is surrounded by the water and visitors can reach there through boats, the distance is only 13 kilometers away from the Dina and about 79 kilometers away from Mirpur. The history lovers must go there and with the layer of history should enjoy the water alluring tour.

Red Fort:

Muzaffarabad fort is actually known as the Red fort. By Chark ruler of Kashmir, it was constructed in the 16th century. The design and structure of this fort represent the expert’s architectural skills and the participated contributions. This fort is the ideal example of the strong and sound building and it looks a like the iconic part of the natural scenery views because its main three sides are surrounded by the river Neelum. The river view adds on the glitters and star sprinkles in this ancient fort’s beauty and the huge amount of the tourists make sure their presence during the holidays.

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Kalat Fort:

When we design the list of the most ancient or old forts in Pakistan, then the Kalat fort is also written in this list because it is approximately 5000 years old. Kalat fort is located in the Baluchistan’s District Kolat. This fort was conquered by the Baloch and with the passage of time; it becomes the property of the founder of Kalat. Don’t miss to visit this old one fort because, in this castle the thousands of hidden stories awaiting you.

Baltit Fort:

Baltit fort is in the Hunza, the beautiful town of Karimabad. The stones and wooden structure of this old fort feature amazing carving through the brick work according the traditional requirement of its place. The staircase also made by the stones and the majority of residence room in the fort are single story, ventilated and wide. The mounted head of the several wild animals including, Ibex, Marco Polo and sheep are hanged on the courtyard wall.

Derawar Fort:

Derawar fort is located to the south of the city Bahawalpur in Ahmedpur. This fort is also one of the historical places in the Pakistan that has the rich history regarding past. This fort was constructed by the Hindu ruler, but in 1733, the Nawab Bahawalpur Sadiq Muhammad Khan rebuilt it. You should go there because it will make you able to enjoy the local cuisine and culture with the lots of further unique information about this fort. When we explore any historical fort, then we know the lots of informative pages and tradition of the yesteryears. It’s a really wonderful tour that we can successfully finish.

Rohtas Fort:

Let’s talk about the Rohtas Fort; it was built in the 16th century by the Sher Shah Sur, while it is located near the city of Jhelum. It is also built in Afghan, Persian architectural look and is an astonishing model for Muslim military. It has also come in the top famous fort lists in our home country. The largest group of the tourists or the local many times go there to see its architectural beauty and for the purpose to appreciate the team of this foundation. The strong building is the sign of the powerful ruler with the multiple heritage stories. We recommend to the customer must add it in your fort exploring list.


Throughout the pages of history the forts have been constructed with the different purposes such as: few of them a practical measure to subdue a rebel or get victory in wars, to serve more security & formidable castles for the strength, show the power of the ruling parties or whatever the purposes forts were built, but it just offers the spectacular views in the past and also a great example of the ancient aesthetic and architectural innovation.

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