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Things To Should Know Before Travel To Iran


After exploring multiple countries or destinations, we decided to approach the Iran for the tourism because the travel industry is still budding and pay preference to approach all the corners of the universe and trying to remove the misconception’s thoughts regarding the Iran and other countries. We can understand that, the journey to the Iran is the fusion of the nerves and the excitement, but according to the visitors or the explorer (who already visited the Iran country) this country is quite safe and there is no danger for the tourists as the rumors are blowing in the air.

Iran is the incredible and the amazed architecture country to travel through the Cheap Flights and it warmly welcomes by its friendliness hospitality and fascinating culture, stunning landscapes from respect local customs to haggling in the obvious places, tipping the etiquettes, majestic green mountains, desolate desert and Islands will make you speechless and lop off your all miss-concepts. Let’s visit the exponential country that’s grown up in the tourism industry, but before packing a few of the things you need to know about this destination.

Safe Place:

One of the most important and most valuable points, Iran is a safe destination, but unfortunately, a few years before a lot of terrorists killed the peace of Iran. Now, we can say that Iran is totally safe from all types of disaster issues; travelers enjoy the trip without any hurdles and enjoy your trip with incredible memories. So, don’t feel scared, because it is not the terrific land, before you, many travelers go there and came back home country with the buckets of pleasant moments.


Without money you do not enjoy your trip and now we are going to share with you some of the most shocking news regarding the modern era, Iran has not proper ATM branches, and this ATM just expects foreign credit cards. If you don’t have a proper case, so, maybe you out of luck, but it are not as the drawback as you think because you can bring with the maximum cash to enjoy the trip. Cash is the best option that makes us relax and comfortable. You should put your cash in the different portion of your luggage and then definitely, you feel calm as compared to the ATM transactions.

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Iran Currency:

Iran currency has 2 names. First and the official name is Rial while the other one is Toman. Actually, Rial is the real name of Iran currency, in the Rial there are lots of zero added. Therefore, the locals call to currency as the Toman just by dropping the zero. The most concentrating point is the 1 Toman is equal to the 10 Rial and when the retailer or the shopkeeper asks you the Toman then you have to add the zero and pay him in the Rial.


As we know, food is alluring point to the life and the cuisine is the symbol of the country. If you travel from Pakistan and other, you know the price of food is very high, but in Iran the food price very low, in just one dollar you can eat a lot of delicious food. Iranian food is different as compare to Asia and western estate. Few of the food names we will share with you.

  • Falafel.
  • Persian Pizza.
  • Halim.
  • Aash-e Gandom.
  • Kebab.
  • Persian Saffron Ice Cream.
  • Bademjan.
  • Crunchy Fried Rice.


Before going to anywhere, we are collecting necessaries points of its culture because if we don’t know about these important things so maybe these create serious hurdles in your trip. So, must know about it.

  • Women must wear hijab and loose fitting clothes all day when they want to visit the public places, In-short you must wear hijab in the public and holy spots.

  • As we know Iran is a Muslim country. So, try to avoid shake hand with women and don’t show affection at the outdoor.

  • Men also wear long pant and short shirt as well.

  • You must have your original ID card and passport as well because some time government’s staff checks these things. That’s why must carry the copy of your documents when you are exploring the destination.

  • If you are a female must cover your arms with your clothes because it’s not allowed in Iran to wear half sleeves shirts. You can ware pent as well but must cover thighs.

  • If you men so must avoid wearing short pent as well because it's not allowed.

Language Issue:

Some time may be you face language issue, so must carry a Smartphone and Google translate offline because this one really helps you to understand the real meanings of words. App translates is such a great suggestion because we already know English is not an official language of Iran. Other while, many people are well known English in these days.


There are no difficulties for the traveling, once you arrive at the Iran’s international airport by getting leverage from the Qatar Airways Ticket Price, and then you can easily approach the buses and the cab for the moving one city to the other city in the cheapest rates. The private cabs bit higher price, you must use the city buses and approach your destination without any fear and hesitation.

Contact Us:

A lot of things you know before going to Iran because of this one are such a holiest place and a lot of Muslim leader’s tomb located in Iran. So, must visit and collect a lot of unforgettable memories in your mobile and mind as well. Fort he further travel details you can visit and buy the ticket according your budget or you can dial (111 147 111) or our toll free number is (0800 00747). Just approach us and make your travel dream true because we provide you the flawless journey with the sounds of heart.

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