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Never Forget These 7 Things Before Going To Japan


Japan is one of the most industrialized nations. The rich culture of the country dates back thousands of years. Indeed, long before many of the spectacular western churches were built, Japan already had some of the most prestigious buildings. From the serene bamboo forests and dazzling skyscrapers to the enthralling temples, Japan is like nowhere else on the planet. The people here are polite, food is incredible, and the country has one of the most sophisticated public transport systems in the world.

Since the country has a plethora of enchanting places, a visit here through Cheap Flight Tickets is a must in your lifetime. However, like many other countries, Japan also has some regulations and norms that must be followed by foreigners. You must learn how to behave on certain occasions and how to respect Japanese culture. Today, we are going to discuss some vital things that you must need to learn in order to make the best out of your stay in Japan. Let’s start.

1. Japan Has No Street Names:

Before the arrival of GPS and smartphones, finding addresses was the real challenge in Japan. For example, you could not have known where an officer lived or on which street a famous restaurant was located. It is because there are no street names in Japan. Even though some major thoroughfares do have a name, but it is not enough to precisely locate a place. It means that finding a place in Japan is really tricky. However, if you have GPS on your mobile, then you can easily check the addresses.

2. Japan Has Four Seasons:

It is of utmost importance to check the weather forecast before packing for Japan. Since the country has four different seasons, it is possible that Japan is beating the heat while you are shivering with cold in your country. Plus, it is also entirely possible that one place in Japan is hot, while the other one is getting cold at the same time. The high altitude areas are relatively chilly, whereas central Japan remains stable.

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3. Cash Is Everywhere:

Like many other countries, the Japanese are still struggling with the dilemma of cash. So, instead of sending the payments on the bank account, the owners pay their employees in cash. Similarly, most of the hotels and shopping malls also do not accept the ATM or debit card, and the only option you have is to pay them in cash. So, never forget to bring a lot of money in cash before entering the country. However, if you are without cash, you can head to 7-Eleven, where you can conveniently use ATM.

4. Never Tip In Japan:

It is vital. After entering the country through Turkish Airlines Booking, never tip under any circumstances. Tipping in Japan is considered a sign of arrogance and rudeness. The waiters might think that you are pretending to be a rich person and that you are trying to subjugate them. No matter how delicious the food or how vigilant the management is, never show your gratitude with money. You can just make an X sign with your fingers to show your appreciation.

5. Taking Off Your Shoes In The Restaurants:

Once you have finalized where you will eat, never forget to enter the hotel or restaurant without taking off your shoes. It is widely known that the Japanese don’t wear shoes in their homes, and this can also apply to restaurants and at some public places too. As soon as you enter the hotel, the waiter will point out where you can store your shoes. Some shops even provide the customers with slippers so that they can conveniently go to the washroom.

6. Smoking Is Not Allowed Everywhere:

Like in many countries of Asia, smoking in public places is completely forbidden. However, there are some designated smoking areas near the big shopping malls and buildings where you can go and smoke freely. Smoking in public areas is deemed disrespectful and derogatory. If a cop finds you while you are smoking, then he can impose heavy fines on you. The offense is so risky that it might land you behind bars. So, if you want to save yourself from being stalked by the police, be careful while smoking.

7. Day-Life And The Nightlife Is Entirely Different:

As soon as the sun sets, you will start feeling a change in the atmosphere. The people who were quiet until now will become enthusiastic and passionate. Japanese think that nighttime is a time for drinks, festivities, and recreations. In the daytime, you might need to lower your tone, but at night, nobody will mind even if you shout out loud. Similarly, markets are filled with jeering crowds who sing the songs and sometimes dance in public places.


There are also various other things which you will only learn once you visit the country. The suggestions outlined here are the most important ones without which your journey would be a dull affair.

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