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8 Interesting Facts About Saudi Arabia With Saudi Arabian Airline Flights


No other country in the world is so misunderstood as the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia, and it's worth a visit by taking Saudi Arabian airline flights. No other country that is so diverse and rich in culture, heritage and natural beauty is worth visiting.

It is a country with many areas of beautiful oases and dramatic mountain peaks and beaches. This article provides a brief introduction to various aspects of the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia.


The National Day of Saudi Arabia commemorates the establishment of the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia by King Abdul-Aziz. The visionary king tirelessly fought to unite his country after decades of riots and uncertainty from warring tribes and competing interests. King Abdul-Aziz, head of the Al-Saudi family, finally managed to unite the country under the name Saudi Arabia on September 23, 1930, and every year since then, this day is a great celebration.

Citizens come together to honor traditional customs, honor the nation, and pay tribute to those who helped build the country, including the ruling Al-Saud family.


The Qur'an is the foundation of Saudi Arabia's society faith, government, education, and law. The Koran teaches many educational values, including "observing the earth and heaven" by studying the natural sciences such as biology and Tirmidhi, getting to know angels, and praying for the welfare of people who seek knowledge.

People often value the word Quran in school textbooks, but there is controversy over whether schools should teach it. Most of the more than 700 non-profit charities accept donations to make the Koran a subject of research.

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June to August more than 110 degrees Fahrenheit noon in the desert; humidity in coastal regions up to 100 percent; elsewhere, mild; possible winter temperatures in the northern and central regions fall below zero; rainfall, from zero for up to 10 years in Rub Al-Khali, to 20 inches per year in the mountains of Asia Province.

If you are from Pakistan, you will not have any trouble to getting used to the Saudi climate, and you can take Islamabad to Jeddah flight to reach this amazing country.

Online Schooling:

Colleges such as the Dean's Office and Distance Learning Department at King Abdul-Aziz University in Jeddah provide flexibility in student schedules, allowing them to study at their local library or home. Citizens are striving to get more online learning opportunities in Saudi Arabia today, hoping that in Saudi Arabia elsewhere, we will soon accredit online learning.

Essayists, for example, Hend Suliman Al-Khalifa, writer of the e-Learn Magazine report, advance online colleges, for example, Arab Open University.


Saudi Arabs speak Arabic, which is the official language of the Kingdom, but tourists who do not know any Arabic should not feel intimidated. Many Arabs speak English, or at least enough English to facilitate communication. Most of the road signs are written in Arabic and English, enabling foreigners to move around the area. English-speaking visitors are likely to do well in Saudi Arabia, not knowing any Arabic phrases, but knowing a few keywords and phrases can score many locals' points.

It's advisable to learn a few phrases in the Arabic language before taking Saudi Arabian airline flights.


In Saudi Arabia, Sunday is the first day of the working week, so weekends are celebrated on Friday and Saturday. Friday is considered a family day throughout the Kingdom, and many families spend the day praying in mosques and at activities. For this reason, many shops and restaurants are closed most of the day on Friday. Some venues will open at 2pm, but others will wait until 4pm, before unlocking the door. Restaurants are the exception to this rule. Some of the restaurants offer lunch meals.

Travelers who will be in the Kingdom over the weekend should plan to accommodate longer queues and heavy traffic. If you want to have a memorable weekend, then consider taking Islamabad to Jeddah flights if you are from Pakistan for a couple of unforgettable days.


The national currency of Saudi Arabia is the Saudi Riyal (SAR). Guests can exchange local currencies at the airports upon arrival, and it is best to bring dollars or Euros for the exchange as some national currencies are not accepted.

Riyals come in 500, 100, 50, 10, and 5 banknotes. Coins are issued in denominations of 1 rial and 2 riyals, and riyals are divided into halala. ATMs are available at all airports and shopping centers.

Getting There:

In total Saudi Arabia offer 28 different airports in which 15 are domestic and 13 are international. It’s comparatively a very big number that demonstrate that you won't have to worry about traveling locally or internationally while being in the KSA. If you’re from Pakistan specially from major cities then you can book your flights to KSA from any renowned airline agency.

Once you arrive at KSA, it's easy to navigate from city to city whether it big or small by taking services of car-sharing companies or local bus and taxi services. Other than that the railway system of Saudi Arabia only connects famous regions such as Riyadh and other famous places in eastern province.


These are some of the most important facts you have to keep in mind while traveling to Saudi Arabia. Whenever you take Saudi Arabian airline flights, keeping these facts will help you move around with more confidence.

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