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7 Most Beautiful Mosque In Qatar


There are various mosques in Qatar, some of which are exceptionally old, and you can visit all of them by taking Lahore to Doha flight booking. There are more than 2,000 mosques across Qatar, overseen by the Ministry of Awqaf and Islamic Affairs, made in 1993.

Non Muslims can enter most mosques, aside from the Shioukh Mosque close to the Amiri Diwan at Al Rayyan Road and Jassim Bin Mohammed Street. Passage to all mosques is liberated from cost. It is ideal for visiting mosques outside of prayer times. Here'sa list of the most stunning mosques in Qatar.

The State Grand Mosque:

The State Mosque of Qatar is one of the biggest and has been renamed after the incomparable Muslim reformer of the eighteenth century, 'Imam Muhammad Ibn Abdul Wahhab.' The mosque included a monumental structure with numerous vaults and an intriguing blend of conventional Arabic and current engineering, which incorporates shining half-moons, a minaret, and huge open outside spaces.

It saves a portion of the standard Islamic design components, and with its distinctive destined rooftop, it is a dazzling case of engineering greatness and milestone development in Doha. Many air travel companies in Pakistan fly daily to Qatar, and it won't be difficult for you to find your desired tickets.

Education City Mosque:

The dazzling and present-day Education City Mosque planned by MangeraYvars Architects lays on five enormous segments speaking to Islam's five mainstays, with each including a stanza drawn from the Holy Quran. Opened in 2015, Education City Mosque's two minarets focus on Mecca and are likewise emblazoned with sections from the Holy Quran. It can have 1,800 admirers in its primary supplication corridor and another 1,000 in its outside yard.

The mosque lies on five extra columns and is beautified with sections. Underneath, water streams from four streams starting from a nursery that lines the edge of the structure. The nurseries depend on a translation of heaven, with the streams speaking to waterways of milk, nectar, and water, and the columns speaking to Islam's five fundamentals.

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Spiral Mosque:

The twisting mosque of the Kassem Darwish Fakhroo Islamic Center is an ongoing development. It has become one of Doha's most celebrated milestones in a couple of years. It is not a customary Qatari mosque yet a copy of the Great Mosque of Al-Mutawwakil in Samarra in Iraq. It is situated in Souqs zone a stone toss from the Corniche Street. The winding minaret overwhelming the old city is illuminated around evening time.

The Qatar Mosque is an enormous structure – The Qatar Islamic Cultural Center targeting disclosing Islam to non-Muslim outsiders. Notwithstanding the mosque, it also incorporates a retail establishment and a social place with lasting display itemizing Islam's rudiments.

It's advisable to take a guide whenever you take your Lahore to Doha flight booking to visit this unique mosque.

Katara Mosque:

The Masjid of Katara plays a fundamental and huge function in spreading the ideas and human qualities in our religion.It attempts to merge the qualities of concurrence, resilience, balance, and club. This special Islamic building turned into a conspicuous component in the Cultural Village Katara.

It fills in as an exhaustive Islamic foundation that exemplifies our development prospered in different expressions and sciences.

Al Rayyan Mosque:

The Sheik Abdulrahman receptacle Mohamed Al Abdulrahman Al Thani Mosque has opened for public supplications. Situated inverse the Qatar Racing and Equestrian Club, Al Rayyan Mosque is probably the biggest mosque in Qatar, with out of this world minarets of up to 60 m and arches of 39 m. It covers a territory of more than 9,000 sq.m.

Upwards of 2,500 admirers can supplicate in the mosque, with a different petition region for ladies. The mosque additionally incorporates little libraries inside the dividers and mainstays of the supplication corridor comprising of an enormous assortment of Qurans.

Within any event, 100 books or rigid perusing material in different languages on points, for example, ladies' issues, youngsters' privileges, basic entitlements, and that's just the beginning. The technically knowledgeable petition lobby can fill in as a spot for strictly social events, talks, or exercises previously or after supplications.

The Golden Mosque:

Situated in Katara Cultural Village, The Golden Masjid is decorated with tiny brilliant chips, which speaks to Ottoman style. In masjids, Katara offers a few strict projects and a progression of tough talks conveyed by a gathering of conspicuous and regarded strict researchers. Katara likewise sorts out cutting edge courses in Quran memorization that are broadly gone to by an extensive number of kids from various age gatherings.

Such courses bear essentialness since they impart the high-minded values and the great habits of the Holy Quran. Many air travel companies in Pakistan fly for Qatar, and you can take your tickets with the one that suits you the best.

Msheireb Mosque:

The new Msheireb Mosque may look basic and current, yet this mosque has gained honors.That incorporates the lofty 'Abdullatif Alfozan Award for Mosque Architecture' to reception new advancements and carefully arranged engineering highlights. The structure's plan depends on conventional Qatari mosques, which have, for quite a long time, utilized direction, concealing, characteristic ventilation, and water to establish agreeable conditions for supplication and love, as per Msheireb Properties.

It consolidates a customized sunshine configuration, makes dynamic sun patches propelled by Qatari themes inside the primary corridor during supplication hours, and needs no counterfeit lighting during daytime hours.


These are Qatar's most beautiful mosques that you can visit by taking the Lahore to Doha flight booking. These places will feed your appetite of unique architecture and provide a feeling of calm and relaxation.

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