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Decorated with both ancient mud houses and modern skyscrapers, Jeddah is worth visiting the city that you can by taking Saudi Arabia Flights. You can count on finding a forward-thinking city full of luxurious shopping malls, romantic seaside promenades, and restaurants serving the best of Middle Eastern cuisine. Jeddah is home to over 4 million inhabitants and is considered the westernmost gateway to Mecca and Medina's Islamic holy cities.

Jeddah remains a safe and dynamic place for tourists, and we have come up with the most interesting facts about Jeddah. Read them, and you won't be able to keep yourself from visiting Jeddah.

Different Names of Jeddah Tower:

Jeddah Tower was not originally called that way. The first names it received were the Mile-High Tower and Kingdom Tower. Then the Mile-High was changed and renamed Jeddah Tower because the building itself would not be one mile in total. The building sure will reach the digit of one but only in terms of kilometres.

The Jeddah Tower represents a desert plant soaring upwards, symbolizing Saudi Arabia's development and future.

Highest Building in the World:

Numerous nations worldwide might want to guarantee that they have the tallest structure universally. However, in 2019, the honor will be given to Saudi Arabia. Jeddah Tower in Jeddah will soar through the clouds to a height of 3,280 feet, which is more than Burj Khalifa. Designed by Adrian Smith and Gordon Gill from Chicago, it will be the first building in the world to reach a height of one kilometre. The overall cost of this project is expected to be over one billion US dollars.

If you want to enjoy the site, plan your trip to Jeddah and take your Lahore to Jeddah online tickets today.

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Jeddah Waterfront:

Jeddah is situated on the shores of the Red Sea. The total coastal area is approximately 30 km long. More than 4 km, near Al-Nawras Square, was renovated at the cost of SR 800 million in 2018 and named Jeddah Waterfront. It features water sports parks, beaches, children's play parks, interactive water fountains, restaurants, kiosks, a floating marina, animal and art sculptures, as well as dozens of dedicated toilets and phone charging stations.

It is a must-see, especially for children who can enjoy the slides, swings, and beautifully designed entertainment zones where adults can sit and enjoy a pleasant time. Those who want to walk or cycle have a designated area between the two sides of the road.

It is a must-visit place in Jeddah. Make sure you take your family and kids with you whenever you take Saudi Arabia Flights to Jeddah.

New Airport:

Since we heard that the Jeddah airport would be expanded, we Jeddah cannot stop raving about it. The airport will occupy a vast area of 670,000 square meters. The airport expansion project is part of the GACA 2020 strategy, which aims to develop 27 national, regional, and international airports in the Kingdom.

The project will be implemented in three stages. In the first phase, Jeddah airport will be able to handle 30 million passengers. In the second phase, the capacity will increase to 45 million.

The total cost of the Jeddah airport expansion project is estimated at approximately SR 43 billion. It is expected to use approximately 3,100 tons of steel for its construction.

Fakieh Aquarium:

The only public aquarium in Saudi Arabia started operating in 2013. With over 200 marine life species, including sharks, groupies, string rays, Napoleon wrasse, and seahorses, Murrays is a unique tourist attraction in the city.

Families can also participate in the dolphin show, which takes place twice a day. The dolphin show's cost is paid independently and is discretionary. However, it is a completely suggested vacation destination in Jeddah.


About 45% of Saudi Arabia's GDP comes from the oil sector, generating more than $ 300 billion, more than the combined GDP of Iraq, Morocco, Tonga, and Rwanda. However, as part of a key effort to diversify the economy, six new "economic cities" are being built. They will bring millions of new jobs and are projected to add $150 billion to GDP, 3.5 times Kenya's total GDP.

It is not a place of poor people. If you are from Pakistan,consider taking Lahore to Jeddah online tickets but make sure that you take much money.

Foods of Jeddah:

Jeddah is a multicultural city. You can find true Continental, Asian, Mexican, Western, and Arabic cuisine. Despite Jeddah's food and international food chains' amazing authenticity, I recommend trying the local Jeddah dishes. Jeddah's most popular restaurant chain is Al-Baik, offering various chicken and seafood dishes, but known for its signature roast chicken.

Famous local food is native Arabic food Al-Harbi Kabab, Al-Wazan restaurant with Turkish cuisine. Another famous local food chain is Amo Hamza, famous for its seafood. There are many other local and international food chains, and you have a choice of real food.


These are some of the fascinating facts about Jeddah that you can enjoy on your single trip. Ensure that you plan your next trip to Jeddah by taking Saudi Arabia Flights that you can easily find.

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