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Best Food Items You Should Try In Toronto With Etihad Airlines


One of the best things about traveling, no matter where you are, is trying new foods, and Etihad Airlines flights allow you to experience different cultures, foods, and places. Every country and city has its must-try list - and Toronto is no exception. It is a city of many cultures, each bringing its flavor to Toronto's varied and exciting food scene. There's always something great to eat in the city, from food trucks and stalls to bar snacks and fine dining. With that in mind, whether you live in Toronto, or are visiting for the first or fifth time, here are some of the dishes you must try in Toronto.

Gran Fritto Misto:

The plate of gran Fritto Misto in this casual setting in Little Italy, intended for shared use, is a decadent mess of fried snacks. In a golden and perfectly crispy pile, you can find rapini, zucchini, cauliflower, many other seasonal vegetables, arancini, and a changing list of seafood. Everything is hot from the refrigerator, a special fryer imported from Naples.


A rainbow of pastel macaroons await behind the glass counters of Nadège Patisserie and while there are plenty of sweet treats to choose from, all worth trying, the perfectly delicate macaroons are hard to resist and limiting to one is a lot harder than it sounds. The flavors change, but you can expect more unique offerings like cotton candy, rose or match a green tea, and raspberry, among more traditional offerings like chocolate, vanilla, and salted caramel. If you are from Pakistan, you can easily find LHE YYZ flights that are the carrier of your choice because these flights are readily available.

Jerk Lobster:

Toronto hosts many Chinese and Jamaican restaurants. However, Chef Craig Wong's Dundas West is the only place to combine both culinary influences into one menu seamlessly. Patois Toronto's most favorite dish is the Lobster Prosperity Jerk. It was originally served as a Lunar New Year special, but when Wong tried to pull it off the menu, a commotion broke out, making the dish a permanent home.

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Wok-fried Hong Kong-style lobster is first cooked in court broth. It is then added to homemade Jamaican jerk paste and a healthy dose of butter and topped with a fresh hit of coriander and lime.

Rasta Pasta:

Fusion cuisine is a classic dish worldwide, but the Italian-Jamaican couple, Rasta noodles, guarantees a double dose. Jamaican influence comes from co-owner Magnus Patterson, and Italian slim comes from his co-owner and associate Mary Neglia. Follow Jamaican steel drums' sounds that lure passers-by and order reggae lasagna. Traditional Italian layers of ricotta, mozzarella, and fresh pasta flirting with spicy tomato sauce and steamed squid are served.


Anyone craving something sweet while in Toronto should consider going to one of the two Panchos Bakery locations for a freshly fried churro. Here, you'll be served with decadent deep-fried dough sticks coated in cinnamon and sugar and then filled with a variety of fillings ranging from chocolate to caramel and jam. Chocolate is especially delicious, but you can also get it plain. Whenever you take your Etihad Airlines flights to Toronto, do not miss Churros at all costs.

Nanaimo Bar:

The three-layer no-bake cake is named after Nanaimo in British Columbia, but the sweet delicacy has become the country's unofficial national dessert. No one knows where it came from, but since the recipe became popular in the 1950s, a blend of powdered pudding, graham cracker crumbs, and cocoa has hit the shelves of coffee shops gourmet menus. Distillery District, a Brick Street Bakery dealer, is the perfect version - best enjoyed while walking along the area's cobbled streets.

Margherita pizza:

You can probably debate for days about where to get the best Margherita pizza in Toronto, but the North Brooklyn cakes are hard to beat. Everything is made from local ingredients, resulting in a crispy crust with the right amount of chewing and a sauce that provides the right acidity for creamy mozzarella. If you're really hungry, order garlic knots made from leftover dough and spread with garlic butter.

Taking LHE YYZ Flights is one of the easiest ways to experience cultural beauty and, most importantly, Toronto's food for all the Pakistanis.

Belgian fries:

Fresh fries aren't difficult in most cities, and Toronto is no exception. Not all types of fries are cooked equally, and we all know it. Spuds are Belgian-style fried, meaning they are thick, golden, crispy, and fluffy inside. For an extra dollar, they can be fried in beef fat, which is highly recommended. Oh, and forget the usual ketchup. There are 18 different homemade sauces to decorate your fries with.

Khao Soi:

Creamy, flavorful, and fun to eat, Pai Northern Kitchen's Khao soy is often described as better than what people remember eating in Thailand. Fresh egg noodles are swimming in a golden curry with crispy noodles, coriander, green onions, and a choice of braised beef, prawns, chicken breast, or chicken drumsticks. Whether you've been to Northern Thailand or not, feel like you've been transported with this uniquely aromatic dish.


These are some of the best food items you should try in Toronto with Etihad Airlines flights. Regardless of the reason why you are traveling to Canada, these dishes cannot be missed. Whether you are going alone, with friends or with family, make sure you take them with you whenever you visit Toronto.

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