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Qatar Airways Launches New Business Class Fares


Many of the world’s renowned and even small airlines have been providing their clients with most primary economy class rates for many years. Tragically, some of the airline companies have also started taking advantage of the latest trend of offering baseline fares for their business class flights. Qatar airline is last to get its position on such airlines’ list that introduced Qatar Airways ticket basic fares for its business class flights. They do not include pre-seat selection and even lounge access to their business class travelers with this new release.

New Fair Families:

Now the Qatar airline will offer six different types of fare families which are as followed:

  • Business Class now will offer Elite, Comfort, Classic.
  • Economy Class now will offer Comfort, Convenience, Classic.

The catch is that the aircraft isn't simply re-branding existing toll classes, but instead is removing things. As confirmed by Executive Traveler, with these progressions Qatar Airways business class charges that book into the "R" passage class will not, at this point offer the accompanying as standard advantages:

  • Advance seat selection.
  • Lounge access.

The new rates have just been stacked into the framework. At the point when you go to choose a business class admission, you'll currently observe that in numerous business sectors the least expensive choice reflects advance seat selection. It will only be accessible at registration, just as lounge access is not being referenced.

Fares Application:

If you booked your Qatar Airways tickets preceding November 8, 2020, the guidelines at the time you got your reservation to apply. At the end of the day, recently reserved "R" class tickets are as yet qualified for seat assignment and lounge access.

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With that said:

  • With this policy, it's impossible to say if individual lounge guests will know that recently reserved tickets are qualified for lounge access or not.
  • New rules may be applied to you if you are going to reissue your tickets.

Qatar Airways has started selling separate business class fares in most markets, including flights to the Middle East from the United States. The initial strategies show that the new tariffs don't seem cheaper than what you'd expect before. Instead, they're missing some key services and amenities that were once free Qatar Airways' Classic Business Class fares no longer include pre-seat selection or free lounge access.

It makes it the best chance to book affordable airline tickets because it will turn out to be a lot better deal as compared to business class. Fares still include regularly checked baggage allowance, free stopovers, earning miles, and can be changed or cancelled.

However, depending on the program you grant for, you may earn fewer miles than other business class fares and pay a higher cancellation fee.

The “U” class remains unaffected by these policies and only the “R” class falls under the umbrella of new effect.

While you must view your booking on Qatar's website to see the price, you can purchase access to the Al Mourjan Business Lounge. Unlike many basic economy products, which usually allow advance seat selection for a fee, this tariff does not seem to include any advance seat selection at all. This is especially bad news for groups who would like to reserve a "quad" in the Q-Suite cabin. One-world Sapphire members and Emerald will continue to receive free lounge access, regardless of the tickets they have, as part of their elite benefits. Albeit a Qatar lounge specifically for the One-world elite, not Al Salon Mourjan.

Important Points:

Qatar Airways has introduced new, liberated business class fares that no longer include lounge access and pre-allocation of seats. The good news is that One-world Sapphire and Emerald members can still select seats in advance and can use the lounges by their one-world privileges. We find this policy incredibly unforeseen. We predict that these changes will make business class will become much more popular, but Qatar Airways did the wrong thing. Because most people like to book affordable airline tickets. The whole system doesn't generate additional demand and would not force any sane person to buy for a higher price.

Instead, it might just get people to book another airline. No one will feel surprised at all if an airline backed off this policy or introduced a freed-up business class that makes sense at some point in the future.

No matter how you slice it, it's a sad change for one of the world's best business class products, and it also seems to be a particularly strange time to make such a change.


Unbundled or non-standard business class fares are tragically becoming more and more famous as time goes by. Qatar Airways ticket fares aren't lower than business class prices that the airlines used to offer in the past. So now people will have to pay a lot more for the extras that were previously included.

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