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Kuwait Airways Now Operating World’s First Passenger A330-800 Flights


As we all know that all the airline organizations in the world are striving hard to come up with solutions to increase their travelers. Some of them are offering discounts with their online ticket booking and some of them are offering incredible and sometimes even ridiculous promotions and deals. At the same time in the heat of the moment, some of the airlines are rather coming forth with some unique solutions. Today we are going to discuss the same example where Kuwait Airline has acquired its very first airbus A330-800s from Airbus company.

Many of the critics and experts predict that this bold step has the potential to turn the tables for the discussed airline.

The News:

Airbus company delivered its very first A330-800s, and both of these giants are handed over to the Middle East airline carrier Kuwait Airways. Now the company will offer even better Kuwait airline flight deals. Additionally, the -800 is the smaller of the two members of the A330neo lineup.

Kuwait Airways requested eight Rolls-Royce Trent 7000 twin jets in late 2018 as a feature of an arrangement that cut the A350-900 request. Around then, it was the main client of the variation. Airbus has since gotten general requests for 14.

Kuwait Airways president Ali Mohammad Al-Dukhan says the introduction of the A330-800 will sure strengthen the airline's position as the leading industry in both the local and international aviation sectors. He added that the arrival of the A330neos marks a new stage in the services we provide to our passengers on board, in addition to efficient and comfortable air transport.

Kuwait Airways Flight Deals:

The Kuwaiti flag carrier used its latest planes on fairly routine flights back and forth between Kuwait and Dubai. A simple jump over the Persian Gulf, the distance between the two cities is only 530 miles or 853 kilometres. It looks like this service was delayed by about 50 minutes. Upon departure, the plane landed just over an hour before arriving at Dubai International Airport, given the hourly time difference. The plane then spent a short hour and twenty minutes in Dubai.

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The return journey, took a slightly longer flight time by an hour and 26 minutes. The more extended flight can principally be ascribed to the direction of the runways and the additional time it takes to pivot and get into the right position.

What the Airline has and will Achieve?

While the milestone is very important for Kuwait Airways. Additionally. it is arguably even more valuable for Airbus, which on Thursday also released relatively disastrous financial data (January through September)for the nine months. During this period, the manufacturer lost a huge amount of money. However, focusing on the A330 helps paint a picture of one of the company's most popular aircraft types.

While the airline sold hundreds of older A330 variants, the company was hoping to bring this variant to the market to compete. That’s why upgrading it to be much more economical and comfortable for passengers. Below are the two of these new variants:

  • Airbus A330-900.
  • Airbus A330-800.

These behemoths represent a completely different level of success. While more than 300 A330-900s were ordered by dozens of different customers, Airbus only sold 14 smaller but longer-range A330-800s. While many people are skeptical about the decision by both the airline and the airbus company, others are hoping for good things for the airline. It’s just a matter of time till we find out how will it serve the carrier as well as travelers. You can get your online ticket booking for these airbuses but keep in mind that these will only be working for certain destinations for a little time.

Final Word:

Kuwait Airways is the first airline in the whole of the world to get the delivery of the beast of the airplanes A330-800neo. Uganda Airlines will receive its first A330-800neo within the weeks yet to come. Then we'll see what happens there and how it turns out to be for the company and also for the passengers.

It’s still yet to be determined if the customers will take Kuwait airways flight deals against these planes. Less than 5 percent of A330neo orders were for the A330-800neo, while the A330-900neo is in demand.

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