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China Southern Airlines Launches Flights From Wuhan To Islamabad


China Southern Airlines is one of the most advanced carriers that offer both affordable and luxury flights. Just like the other airline carriers around the world this airline has also suffered a great deal due to COVID-19. In order to recover and attract more customers from different regions of the world, the airline is trying everything that it can. Today’s news is one of those steps that sure will help the airline to carry more customers. Keep on reading to find out if this news is possibly helpful for your traveling plans or not.

The News:

China Southern Airlines has announced that it will be flying directly from the central city of China, Wuhan to the capital city of one and only Pakistan, Islamabad. It not just an announcement anymore because the airline carrier has already started operating between the mentioned route.

The very first flight took its journey from Wuhan to Islamabad with a Boeing 787 that departed from the Chinese central city Wuhan. It had 143 passengers and had about 12 tons of cargo that include medical equipment, communication devices. All of this information is directly coming from the Chinese airline spokesperson.

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The routine of this flight is pretty simple as it will depart from Wuhan every Monday at sharp 8:35 am (followed by Beijing time). Moreover, the flight will be landing in Islamabad at 11:45 am (followed by Pakistan standard time). The flight will also depart from Islamabad on the very same day at 1 pm (followed by Pakistan standard time) and will reach Wuhan at 9:15 pm (followed by Beijing time).

COVID-19 Prevention:

Just like all the other airlines, China Southern Airlines will also keep all the precautionary measures and necessary preventions in view. All the travelers of this direct regular commercial flight from Pakistan to China will be required to complete their test. It will include the nucleic acid test that must have negative results in order to ensure that the disease doesn’t spread. That’s why all the passengers will be required to provide their certificates with negative results without any exceptions. Moreover, the passengers will also be required to complete their 14 days necessary and mandatory quarantine or isolation period once they reach China.

On the other hand, all the passengers reaching Pakistan from China will only have to submit their personal details.

Note: On a side note if you want to London by taking Karachi to London Flights, you will also have to comply with all the requirements of the country to combat coronavirus.

Bottom Line:

It’s the latest news from the Chinese flagship airline carrier and it surely will help many of the people especially Pakistani residents. Direct flights are always one of the best decisions that the airline makes. Not only does it help passengers of both of the countries but it also allows both of the countries to earn more. Many people find it helpful for their businesses and education.

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