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Coronavirus Has Taken A Toll On The Global Tourism Sector


From the hills of northern Europe and arctic Russia to the islands of Indonesia and Thailand, coronavirus is taking a toll everywhere. Ever since the emergence of this deadly virus, all the countries have been strictly warning their citizens not to travel to and from China through Cheap Flight Tickets. Similarly, people who are returning from China have been subject to strict medical care in a bid to avert the spread of the virus. More than 10,000 cases of the virus have been registered, and as per the Chinese officials, about 259 people have died until today.

The novel coronavirus has also severely affected the tourism-dependent economies as travel enthusiasts are afraid that they might catch the disease if they encounter some Chinese tourists. Likewise, several flights have been suspended owning to the extremely sensitive nature of the virus that has the potential to permeate in anyone. In today’s piece, we will analyze the catastrophic repercussions of this lethal virus for traveling and how it has caused ripples in the world.

Coronavirus Has Been Declared A Global Health Emergency:

The World Health Organization (WHO) on Thursday declared the novel coronavirus a global health emergency, thereby surging the fears of the travelers. The chief of WHO said that the primary reason for declaring the virus a global health emergency was not China, but rather the other countries which were likely to be affected. The organization also expressed its fears that the virus could quickly spread to the countries with weaker health management systems.

When a disease is declared a global health emergency, it means that it is the responsibility of the entire world to tackle the issue and leave no stone unturned to save precious lives.

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Travel Advisory By Different Countries.:

Several countries have warned their citizens not to travel to China. America is the latest country to have given a highest-level warning to its citizens. The US State Department has said that due to the outbreak of coronavirus, it is highly likely that the US citizens traveling to China could catch the virus. America has also suspended the flights in a bid to thwart the spread of virus.

Like the US, other countries have also given a warning to their citizens that if they travel to China, they would face the deadliest consequences. Meanwhile, China is also urging the people of other countries to halt their plans and keep staying in their home countries.

Coronavirus And The Airlines:

The virus has wreaked unprecedented havoc on the air industry. Most of the countries have suspended all China flights. The most prominent countries to have suspended the flights are USA, UK, Pakistan, New Zealand, Singapore, Vietnam, Africa, and Egypt. It is estimated that the flights to and from China would not operate until the end of April. However, the officials of Turkish Airlines are saying that the operations of flights may be reactivated earlier if the virus is curtailed.

The suspension in the flights is proving catastrophic for the revenues of airlines. The airline companies are worried that if the current situation persists, they would have no option but to fire the employees because they would have no money to pay for their salaries.

Bangkok Tourism Sector Hits 7-Month Low:

Thailand's biggest source of foreign tourists is China. Each year, millions of Chinese travel to the tourist destinations of Thailand, thereby boosting the Thai economy. However, the Tourism Authority of Thailand has estimated that this year that the number of Chinese coming to the country would be much less. The official currency of Thailand is Baht, which has lost half of 2019’s gains in just the month of January due to the flu-like virus that has the potential to devastate the tourism sector of the country. The Baht might further deteriorate if current gloomy situations continue in the months ahead.

Effects On Russian Tourism:

The Kola Peninsula is a Russian territory famous for its breathtaking natural scenery. However, the hotel and restaurant owners of this area are concerned about the repercussions of the virus on the Chinese tourist arrivals. The Kola Peninsula is a place where Chinese tourists arrive in groups and not like individual travelers. The ban on the organized groups will significantly drop the earnings of operators.

In the previous months, hundreds of thousands of Chinese had visited the area to enjoy their holidays lavishly. However, the outbreak has drastically reduced these numbers.


The spread of the coronavirus can only be curtailed through proper awareness and advisory campaigns. The more preventive measures we take, the better it would be for all of us. You can visit to check the schedule of flights that have been disrupted due to the outbreak.

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