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Things You Should Know Before Travel To Saudi Arabia


Saudi Arabia is the Muslim’s religious place and Qatar Airways Ticket Price affordability drop the millions of the Muslim all round the year for the purpose of the Pilgrimage, while others go to the different purposes, such as: jobs, business deal, to spend the holidays, explore the pious land or any other condition. In this country, the religion and the tradition are the masters or the prince that mandatory to follow the citizens and the outsiders as well. The most amazing news is, Saudi Arabia announced the good news to the entire world because it allows the tourist visa almost in the 49 countries, due to it the travel to this holy country become more vibrant and excited.

You can come there and know see this kingdom’s rich culture, history, landscapes and the outstanding attraction, we also want to tell you that this Middle East part also built the theme park, resorts on the Red Sea Coast and more adventurous things to see and do with the complete protection and security. Firstly, you haven’t need to worry about the safety because this Muslim state is the quite safe for the individual either it belongs to any religion. Now, due to the tourist’s visa you can spend the lots of time in the lap of the Saudi country and enjoy the totally different look than the Europe or Asian countries. But, before going to the embracing Saudi Arabia, you should need to know few things before travel because to know about the different country makes the travel comfortable and smooth, especially must get knowledge about the strict religious and laws follower destination.

1. Dress Code:

If you are a western citizen, then does not mean that you can wear your home country dress code. As we inform you that the Saudi Arabia is the truly religious land. So, you should follow the moderate dresses, which never hurt the laws or the rules. If you are women, you should adopt the gown and veil and you can’t show the legs, arm or shoulders. In the short words, you must cover yourself completely. The dress restrictions aren’t only applicable for the women. In fact the men also should be careful regarding the dress. Don’t wear the shorts or sleeveless shirts, while Jeddah and the Dammam are the liberal cities, there you can get little bit release, but the perfect way is must follow the dress to merge among the locals and it is also the taste of the life.

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2. Music Banned In The Public Areas:

Music or the sound system is considered as the cause of the other disturbance. Therefore, you should avoid to hear loud music at the public because might be possible if falls you in the trouble. Or the western rap is banned at the public areas or the shopping Mall, you can use to the sound system at your hotel room, it should be normal sound, not loud enough.

3. Don’t Expect Fun At Night:

As you know that, the Islam is very pure, pious and clear. It has no allowed the vibrant nightlife or night parties out of the homes. There are no kinds of theatres, clubs, cinema, no dance performance or no live loud crazy performs. So, you do not expect the night life fun at this state and its good for your health, early go to bed and wake up early is the beneficial habit. If you are the western country belong, you should avoid these types of night parties or these night life are organized by the private dinners, luxurious restaurant, but they also expect to you, go to home early.

4. Language:

The citizens or the nation of the Saudi Arabia called the “Arabians” and they typically use the Arabic language, while the European & western countries prefer to speak English, while the Pakistanis use Urdu dialects to talk with each other. So, if you are coming to any other overseas country or the Pakistan country, then before the reservation of Islamabad To Jeddah Flights or any other destination reservation, you should learn about the few famous Arabic words, that prove helpful to you to stay among the Arabians.

  • Hello = assalamu alaykom.
  • Welcome = ahlan wa sahlan or hayak.
  • Thank you very much = shukran jazeelan.
  • Excuse me = afwan.
  • Can I take a photo? = momken asawwar.
  • Yes = na am.
  • No = la or kalla.
  • I want to go (location) = ureed an azhab ila [location].
  • I want a taxi = ureed sayaratt ujra.

5. Don’t Use Alcohol:

Alcohol is the considered in the Haram list. The entire world already knew it that the Islamic religion has the strong and strict concept regarding Halal and Haram eating materials or earning sources. Alcohol is badly restricted in the Saudi State. So, don’t use it during the travel of the Arabia.

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