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6 Things To Do In Dubai With Family


Dubai is the UAE’s populous city that is boasting jaw dropping modern architecture, stunning shopping malls and epic man-made islands, which everyone can see from the globe by getting the services from the Emirates Airline. This touristic destination is the perfect combo for the families and the couples. Dubai is the perfect selection, reason: it is a tailor-made ideal holiday destination for the family adventure because it has plenty of theme parks, sunshine beaches, water-land, the zoo and many other thrilling activities. Of course, most of the activities in Dubai for all ages alike: There are rides, multi cultural cuisine and the Arabian Sea to play, fusion of east meets west, Dhow Cruise and Fountain Show. The glamour city is amazingly caters the entire city. Yes, it gives the exciting experiences and attractions to the Kids and as well as the Parents. So, if you want to wander with the families and want to busy your child this summer break in the wonderful activities, then the modern side of this destination is the best place to enjoy the lots of things in Dubai with the family.

Dubai With Family:

Dubai is a brand new action packed that offering the multiple things, which the family members can enjoy from the parks to the friendliest resorts, dancing water waves to the sky scrapers views.

1. Aqua-venture Water-park:

This park is the best park in the Middle East. The Aqua-venture Park is the best holiday spot for the family. The water park is the rich with rides, water-area and the Shark lagoon. Shark lagoon is the area where you can go through the tube surrounded by rays and sharks. The Splasher’s child area is designed for the child amusement and even multiple timer riders with the different shapes and colors. On the other hand, the adults become the witness of the record breaking thrill rides that can fulfill them adventure thirst. This park is the perfect combination, where the complete family can enjoy things according their taste. No one can bore there because all ages activities are available there.

2. Dolphin Bay:

Dolphin Bay in Dubai is one of the most sophisticated Dolphin habitats, where you can swim with them, play and feed them. It is located in Atlantis. It is most tourists point in the Dubai that attracts the huge amount of the visitors, especially families. Along this charismatic creature, you can go for the scuba diving. This Dolphin Bay is the pretty thing that you can enjoy with the family and kids. It must add the exciting element in your trip to the Dolphin Adventure. The tourists reserve Islamabad To Dubai Flights to see the beautiful water mammal and spend quality time with them. If you are already in the Dubai, then don’t skip Dolphin Bay. In fact, you should go there and stand in the water with the friend Dolphins.

3. Dubai Aquarium & Underwater Zoo:

Dubai Aquarium and underwater zoo is also one of the epic places to visit with Family. This is the splendor fell fir those, who want to explore the water life and shop at the one door because this Aquarium is located on the third floor of the Dubai Mall and offer the multiple activities to experience the underwater life. The suspended aquarium is having the more than 33,000 collections of aquatic animals, including, shark and water tiger. You can walk almost 48 meter through the tunnel to see the underwater zoo that allows the 270 degree view of the aquarium. The tourists must get experience the snorkeling, shark dive and etc. when you walk inside the tubes and see the biggest plenty creature, you just feel like you are in the layers of the sea. It’s really epic view in the Dubai.

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4. Global Village:

The name “Global Village” refers the world are at the one stop and Dubai provide the biggest opportunity to see the globally localities at the same door. The Global Village is the most popular tourist attractions in Dubai. You should tag to your family, must visit. This is the 40 pavilions setup, where from the different countries, people (Italy, Egypt, Oman, Vietnam and others) come and exhibit the local product to show their country’s culture. This place is the wonderful things offers to see and do to collect the incredible memories. The adventure lovers also get experiences, rides; music concert, magic show and the comedy night show entertain you and your family. The delicious dinner also make your taste bud watering by offering the delicious foods.

5. Kite Beach:

Dubai city has the countless Beaches that are one of the major reasons of its popularity. The families like to spend the holiday near the beach with the playing water waves, walking on sand, made the castle of the sand, enjoy the volleyball and etc. as the kite flying on the beach is the famous activity, the locals and the visitors go to the beach for the picnic and take part to decorate the beach by flying kites. The different color kites fly in the sky and the competitor enjoy the competition and make the day beautiful. You can say that, the beach tour is useless, whenever the kite show did not organize.

6. Ski Dubai:

The people think that the Dubai is the desert and the hot land, but it’s not true. Dubai is the growing country and the man-made Island leads the multiple guests. The Ski Dubai is the artificial spot that allows you to experience the winter with the family. It is located in the Emirates Mall. It is also alike a visit one and enjoy two bumper offers; with the shopping you can enjoy the multiple fun activities. You can spend the awesome time by throwing the snowballs to each other, which create the film scenes.


Dubai is the other name of the family holiday city, where families and Kids richly entertain and spend quality time with each other. The tourist’s spot offers the plenty of things to create the incredible memories that you can save in your camera and make your Instagram memories more worthy.

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