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10 Things You Should Avoid While Visiting China


No doubt, the trip to the mysterious and exotic country is exciting and thrilling through the Cheap Flights because traveling to China offers the exhilarating experience in an individual’s life. Indeed, China is the vast portion of the planet that becomes the global hotspot for the tourists because it has the multiple varieties of the attractions, such as the Great Wall wonder, majestic mountains, landscapes, temples, lush forests, scenery, fishing villages, layers of rich history, the Forbidden city, palaces in Beijing, largest plant of the winding that expand from the Yellow sea to the Central Asia, tranquility shrines, fascinating and the bustling city experience and you can also select reserve the royal cruise by the Yangtze gorges to travel to the abroad destinations.

Definitely, it is clear that this country is blessed with the diversity and we also accept that the manners, social ideas, culture, rituals, rules & regulations might be distinct from own country, but it does not refers that you will not plan a trip to China. In fact, you should plan to China in your coming holidays schedule and it is amazing that many travelers also reserve the flights to the China, for those we are going to share with all of you the ten major points, you should avoid in China, while examine this strong economy country.

1. Avoid Showing Affection:

When you are visiting the China country and talking with the Chinese, then you should avoid the handshake because the majority of the Chinese dislike this type of practice and same like the Kiss and the hug is also not normal. So, when you meet with any local or the citizen of this country, just pay smile and Nod is the best way to meet them, but not show physical affection in the China state. Therefore, we are telling you the first about this because many people have the concept that the overseas are broad minded and prefer to hug to the meeting, while it’s not applicable in the China.

2. Avoid Talking About Politically Subjects:

Yes, the best avoiding point is to stay away from any politically subject because it is very sensitive point. If you want to stay away from any type of trouble, then you don’t talk about any politically subject, especially around the airport, bus station or around the police or the security members. In fact, you have no need to talk with their local tour guides of the China or avoid criticizing in public places because they people have the pride of the country and can’t bear the controversy about the China. Therefore, you should avoid these types of criticisms about anything in this country because it makes you in trouble and spoil your trip.

3. Avoid Wearing Shoes In Shrines:

China Southern Airlines Tickets make you able to land at the China country and you start your journey from this international airport. Next morning, when you start your journey, then you might be visiting any temple, shrine or the religious place. You should avoid entering into that place with the shoes because the Chinese have the strong faith according the religious places and they don’t bear that any other one disrespect their temples. So, you should take off your shoes out of the entrance, and then you can enter into the temple and show respect.

4. Avoid Tipping:

As we know, china is the hospitable and friendly state; they like to help others without any tip. So, if the citizens or the locals help you or the serve you, then don’t pay tip in the form of thank you because it is considered the rude and ill manners. Therefore, always say Thank you and you can give them gifts, but the best avoid is tip against any service. The simple and the easiest way are verbal Thanks to the locals, instead of any tipping.

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5. Avoid Use Credit Cards:

Yes, you should avoid it. We know you think that, in this era and in the technology moderate country avoid the credit card, how are it possible? But it is, because the Chinese rarely use these credit cards. They prefer to use the cash payment or use the Wechat app to transfer money. Might be possible after using the services you show them the card, they fall into the confusion situation, to get free from this situation, you should use the money and must be avoided using the card.

6. Avoid To Use Unlicensed Transport:

When you step out from the airport, you will see a lot of drivers, who persuade the passengers or the customer to hire them a taxi to approach the city or the pointed location, but you should avoid them because many of them have no valid china driving license that fall in trouble. Therefore, it is recommended that, always try to travel in the local; public transport that offers the pick and drop to the specific fix stops or use that taxis which have the legal c companies. So, just avoid the private unlicensed taxis and prefer to travel on the public transport because it is affordable and trust able.

7. Avoid To Get Angry:

When you are going to buy the souvenir or anything about shop, then you must avoid getting anger because the anger at the public lace in very uncomfortable inconvenience for the Chinese and they don’t deal with the angry person. Especially the tourists don’t move with the lose face because it imposes bad impact on others by you and they don’t bother to help you or nor guide you at any cost. So, must avoid getting anger. Always try to talk with others politely and mannerly.

8. Avoid Visiting The Attractions At The Public Holiday:

Yes, it is the basic point and the trick that protects you from the huge crowd. When the public holiday you can find in the china, then you don’t make the plant to visiting the attraction sites or the temples in China because the local citizens and other tourists also goes to visit that places such as: the Great Wall and the huge crowd might be spoil your trip and you don’t able to click any single picture without any disturbance. Therefore, you should avoid visiting any attraction place at the public holiday.

9. Avoid Leaving Chopstick In Food:

Many of us are unaware about the table manners and the chopstick manner because only Chinese are using it very carefully and it is their cutlery, but this point is more important that you should avoid, while eating with the Chinese or restaurant. You never leave your chopsticks upright in your food because it is considered as the bad luck or it seems like a funeral ceremony tradition that the locals use to pray the death one person. So, you must avoid this chopstick in the food.

10. Avoid Taking Picture Without Permission:

Might be it sounds basic, but it is most important and carefully step that you should follow in the china. Before taking the picture of any government place, inside the museum material or any Chinese women or person, you should ask the permission, other while it fall you in trouble or might be possible you are arrested for this action. Therefore, the best is to avoid clicking the picture without getting permission in the China.


When you are aware of all those things about them to the Chinese communities and the Laws are sensitive or you don’t hurt their emotions, then you can make your trip incredible, gets rewarding experiences. You should avoid all above things while exploring China, then you can antagonize them in good ways.

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