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PIA Launches Awareness Campaign Fight Coronavirus


Before writing worthy paragraphs, we are going to proudly appreciate PIA-Pakistan International Airlines, because airline launches the campaign about coronavirus. No other airline starts any related campaign to get protection from this virus. The entire world is worried due to this virus. If you still don’t know about it, don’t worry, in the simple words, we will guide you about it. We are not just promoting the air tickets or the airline. In fact, as the true patriots, it’s our duty to give the awareness regarding any current situations that are involving round the world.


Obviously, without knowing about it, how you can say that PIA is doing such a good work for humanity. So, must know it before appreciations. Coronavirus is very dangerous, the first case of corona detected in the Wuhan City of China, day by day the number of patients increasing. Now, almost half citizen of china effected from this terrible various. The major reason of spreading this virus is, through the human. Yes, it’s right because coronavirus mostly transferred from person to the other person and the person at the spot fell down and dies. The affected person must wear the mask, use the medicines and must follow the doctor recommended guidelines because now every country effected by a coronavirus. Every business is affected by these various, but, if we discuss about just travel loss. So, the figure of loss is more than $30 billion in a few months. The loss is growing day by day.

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PIA Campaign:

After viewing the stats of coronavirus, PIA firstly introduces the latest travel schedule of travel because everyone wants to know about the upcoming travel news and flight plans as well. Just for customers help, also informs the customers about those travel plans. This airline also distributes health card and they are also spraying (Anti Germ) the passenger’s whose come to Pakistan from other countries. Various locations specifically fixed for anti-germ spray, Runway, planes, cargo and the luggage of passengers also sprayed. Distributes the caring mask to every passenger’s and the team members of this also wear a special dress and wear a mask as well.

Just because of coronavirus now introduce CAA special guideline to all airport managers, They must collect the personal data and information from all passengers, Like the duration of stay at china and Iran, and the reason for traveling as well as. They are mention in a special notebook. This information helps full for all health centers.

Travel Partner:

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