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Explore The Beauty Of France Through Saudi Airlines


France is one of the world’s most visited countries. It has so much to offer that categorizing its breathtaking places is somewhat trickier. The diversity and the hazy climate of France can be experienced through Saudi Airlines Flights that take the passengers to Paris from where they can start their exploration journey. Some corners of the country depict a Spanish ambience, whereas the other spots exude a German feel. The country is also characterized by the fairy-tale castles, fashionable resorts, and the magnificent Gothic cathedrals. Here are some of the gems that you can visit while you are in France.

The Camargue, Provence:

The Camargue is a boggy delta between the Rhone and the Mediterranean that looks like another continent. This area is dotted with red salt flats, salty ponds, and the pristine gardens, and the visitors will get lost in its wilderness. Amazingly, you will also have a chance to witness the free-roaming horses and several of its bird species, including herons. Furthermore, if you are lucky enough, you will also spot the pinkish flamingos that will certainly calm your nerves and soothe your soul. Undoubtedly, the Camargue is heaven in France.

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It is believed that no journey to France can be completed until the tourists visit the captivating streets of Paris. Admired for its grandeur and sheer elegance, Paris is the capital of France filled with the architectural wonders like Notre-Dame Cathedral and Eiffel Tower. The city takes pride in preserving the cultural heritage in several of its museums that host exceptional art collection. In addition, the charismatic medieval quarters and bustling boulevards of the city are also worth exploring. Lastly, the food scene of the city is also famous all across the continent owing to the delicious meals and prestigious restaurants.


Located on the southern coast of France, Antibes is distinguished for its elegant old town and a star-shaped Fort Carre, both enclosed within 16th-century bulwarks. Today, Antibes is a sumptuous resort with sandy beaches, beautiful streets, and the local restaurants. However, the old Antibes is a region of the fifth century and was built when the Greek was involved in the trade. Surprisingly, the acclaimed artists, including Picasso and Fitzgerald, also lived here and captured the elegance of the area in their paintings.

Cliffs Of Etretat, Normandy:

Cliffs of Etretat lie along the Alabaster Coast and are popular among the surfers and sailors owning to the proximity of a pebble beach. The enigmatic rock formations and the famous chalk cliffs allure thousands of visitors each year. Here, you will find the stunning sculptures and carvings that have inspired lots of travelers and artists, including Claude Monet. Additionally, visitors can also relish boating to explore the jagged cliffs thoroughly. The views from the boat are stunning, and you will be filled with enthusiasm after the excursion.

So, have you started packing your bags for France yet? If not, then visit and finalize your plans for the tour of France.

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