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Countries Are Subject To Travel Bans Due To The Corona Virus


As we all aware, the global village is suffering from the severe Coronavirus. It spread on the layers of the Earth planet and the human badly infected and died at the spot. It appears as the anger of the Lord. This virus comes from the China’s city Wuhan. Because in its “wet market” sold the dead and the live animals, birds and the sea animals meat. This virus is referring from the animal’s bodies that are infected in the human bodies. The coronavirus affected the trading markets, industrial areas and the aviation industry too. Yes, the countries closed its airport doors and the airlines such as the PIA Flights and further different flights stop its services to the international boundaries or add changes in the traveling schedule that disconnect the fly bond between the countries.

Bans Travel:

Due to this pandemic, countries fall in the battleground and because of this the world’s trade and the tourism are badly affected. The reason: this virus jump human to human rapidly. In fact, in the current repot, approximate 58 countries polluted from this virus. Therefore, the majority of the countries closed its travel sources and restricted the traveler.

There are the names of the following major countries that are subject to close travel due to this virus. IATA has announced its own document. In which mention all the countries names that have been restrictions to travel.

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  • Germany.
  • Australia.
  • Bahamas.
  • Turkey.
  • USA.
  • Vietnam.
  • Iran.
  • Israel.
  • Indonesia.
  • New Zealand.
  • Philippines.
  • Singapore.

Saudi Arabia Also Closed Bans The Traveling:

Yes, its authentic news, the Saudi Arabia also closed its door from the entire world, even Lahore To Jeddah Flights also bans for the Umrah purposes too. Only the residence of the Saudi Arabia or the nationality holder can travel to the Jeddah. The other holy cities Makah and Medina completely ban to the tourists or the visitors only for the purpose to protect the people from this virus because to visit these cities, people from all around the globe come. So, in this situation, Corona also can spread in the Saudi. Therefore, this travel ban in the Saudi is only as the precaution form this death virus. The holy country also banned tourist’s visa for the China, India, Indonesia, Iran, Iraq, Japan, Korea, Malaysia, Singapore, Thailand, Yemen, Pakistan and many others.

Borders Also Closed:

Not, only the fly traveling. In fact, the borders are also closed by the mutual conversations. Pakistan country has closed the border with the Iran, the Afghanistan and the China, while Turkey also closed its border with the Iran. It’s just for the save lives from this coronavirus that enter in the planet as the “Ravan” or the Arch Enemy of humans.

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