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What To Know Before Travel To Doha In Summer?


Doha is the capital city of the Qatar country (Qatar is one of the seven Arab States), located in the Persian Gulf, stretching land bordering Saudi Arabia. While recently famed one of the 7 wonders cities on the Planet because of its modern futuristic buildings, spectacular cultural heritage. Even though this city is the part of the small country, but has plenty of attraction such as: rich variety of food, remarkable, architecture, beaches, iconic landmarks, sand dunes, adventures and fascinating nation that makes your time memorable. If you have not been to go Doha before, then this summer is the best time to travel. No matter, where you go because Qatar Airways facilitates you from all major airports to the Doha international airport.

Just shows respect its local customs and laws, then the peninsula nation and capital of Qatar welcomes you and embraces you with the open arms. Don’t let down in front of the summer. No doubt, in the summer the temperature of this destination is intense, but it does not mean that you just lockdown yourself in the home and neglect the summer beauty of the Gulf locations. You just need to collect few essential things before travel to the Doha. Doha has many alterations facilities and diverse wonder of hospitality that make you able to indulge them and forget the about the heat. Let’s talk about for all those hacks, that knowing before travel.

Temperature In Doha:

The main purpose to discuss about the summer temperature in Doha is: you get ready luggage regarding the temperature level and without any confusion easily visit the attraction by carrying few tips. So, the temperature in this Gulf city is high heat with the low rainfalls that will occur after the long duration, while no cloud seen on the sky in the summer. The sun gifted the strong heat rays in this city. But, each season has its own charm as the spending time under the sun scorching is also the interesting and challenges.

The tourists must know about the strategy to beat the scorching sun. Carry with them drinking or Detox water and drink again and again, walk under the umbrella, wear the soft and light fabric scarf on the head and avoid wearing the dark color dresses. These entire things remove the hilarious summer climate and help them to make the entire day full of fun.

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As, the Doha is the capital of one of the Arabs state, country, that’s why the Alcohol is not allowed in this country regularly and you did not find alcohol in the casual shops, bars and restaurants. The country does not allow the visitors to bring this alcoholic material in the country boundaries. You just drink it at the elite hotel bar in the expensive rates.

Ramadan Month:

As, this Ramadan will come in the Summer season, you need to know few important things that help you spend time In this holy month or already prepare your mind for this. The major point is, the eating or drinking at the public place is not allowed because the majority citizens having fast, while the city is the pure Islamic religion follower. You just avoid eating or drinking from the early morning to the sunset, after sunset you can enjoy the delicious meal at the public places. This food restriction is easily followed by those visitors, who travel with Lahore To Doha Flights. In fact, the shops, restaurants and the super marts remain close during the day, but it little bit challenging to visit the sightseeing without eating food at public area. The other option is: you can carry any food material in your bag and eat it at any hidden corner, when your hunger is bearable.

Famous Shopping Malls:

Doha is the richest place to shop the luxurious things from the different shopping Malls and the views of the shopping Malls is just like a spectacular richest attraction. During shopping, enjoy the walk under the blue sky besides the colorful shops are really un-telling scenery. There are few famous Doha Malls with the wonderful surroundings are listed down.

  • Mall of Qatar.
  • City Center.
  • Lagoona Mall.
  • Landmark Shopping Mall.
  • Hyatt Plaza.
  • Villaggio Mall.

Famous Attractions:

The Doha city has rewarded with the name of the modern and the rich people city because it develops rapidly. In fact, its desert areas are also under construction. This city is the huge ground of the residential areas, shopping centre & local markets, hotels, business districts, museum, sports venues, park and other attractions. Let’s know about the famous tourist attractions.

  • Museum of Islamic Art.
  • Qatar National Museum.
  • Souq Waqif.
  • Falcon Souq.
  • Doha Corniche.
  • Aspire Park.
  • Sealine Beach Resort.
  • Spiral mosque.

Things To Do:

The Doha city didn’t stop its fun even in the summer season. Therefore the travelers whose have already experienced the Doha destination in the summer, ready for Online Flights Booking again in this coming summer to enjoy the entertainment with the many outdoor activities. You should experience the below fun activities.

  • Gets cool at a water-park.
  • Enjoy Splashing in a pool.
  • Chill picnic on the beach.
  • dive in the blue sea.
  • Try kite-surfing.
  • Eat ice cream.

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