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How To Protect Yourself From Coronavirus?


The World Health Organization has declared that the novel Covid-19 is a pandemic virus that’s why, its affected cases rapidly rise in the world. Due to this virus the respiratory illness appears in the severe stage with including the; fever, cough and shortness of breath. As, we have already guided you that, this coronavirus spread from person to person quickly. Therefore, homeland guiders take initiative to lock down, while the primary and the high level of educational institutes, private &government departments, human gathering events, business meetings and even travel to the affected destinations close for the protection of the nation from this disaster disease that comes in the body as a silent killer and appears after the damaging or affected badly. But, we pay salute to the Pakistan international airline because it provides still its services. The travelers can travel through the cheap PIA Fares to those cities or countries, which are open for the air-traveling.

We know, due to the sudden lock down the public going to panic situation, but, please! Don’t be panic. Calm yourself and your family too, all these steps takes only for you. This is not a look down; it is protection shield for you because this virus has no antinode, just precautions or the safety measures can safes our and our beloved lives. Today, your travel partner share with you the safety measures that arehygiene for you and your family, you should read and must follow all these below down instructions, whenever we can get victory from this virus and “Insha-Allah” we will win and will safe Pakistan too.

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Protection Measures From This Coronavirus Outbreaks:

  • The key to stay safe from this virus is; to stay at home and social distraction (sits or stands at least six feet distance from the others).

  • Wash your hand again and again, while applying hand sanitizer after washing.

  • You are feeling sick or weak, don’t go outside. Contact to the health physicians and maintain the distance with your family members.

  • Especially, take care of your respected elders and the children because they haven’t strong immune system. Therefore, they can get affected soon. So, to keep them inside the home and share with them precautions too, give them the hot water for drinking, give them the mask and also gives the entertainments too that make them happy and never feel bored.

Hygiene Etiquettes:

There are the following healthy hygiene etiquettes, which keep us safe from this Corona-Virus.

  • You should use tissue for the cough and sneezing, then properly disposing the tissue or covering with your elbow.

  • Avoid handshake, just pay verbal greetings.

  • Keep sanitizing and clean the using objects such as; keys, wallets, mobile, home utensils, mental doorknobs, regular high touch surfaces and etc.

  • Take deep breathe in the fresh air.

  • Try to limits go out side.

  • For buying essential things, approaches the open and wide range market areas.

  • Don’t go for the picnics and avoid the mass gathering locations.


According to the new research and the guidance of the WHO, public or nation needs to stay home and keep avoiding the social connections, because these safety tools makes you protect from the infected persons (who are more dangerous for the others). So, must follow the latest Covid-19 protection information. For the further travel inquiries or the Online Ticket Reservations, to know about the flight operating dates or schedule, you can call us at (0311-1147111) because in any type of hard situation, we are active to the nation and the customers. This is the time to do work as a unity and beat this virus.

Stay safe at your homes for the future travel and tourism.

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