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Explore The Ancient Sites Of Turkey Through Turkish Airlines


Turkish Airlines provides passengers with incredible opportunities to explore the nitty-gritty of Turkey. From ancient archaeological sites to the classical cities having fertile plains, Turkey’s unique landscape can be easily explored though Turkish Airlines. The country is famous for dazzling mosques and the breathtaking natural scenery. Plus, the diverse cultural heritage of the country is also a recipe for eyes. The remarkable ancient sites allure even the touchiest archaeologists from all across the world. Once you start exploring the depths of Turkish culture, you will be overwhelmed by the sheer grandiosity and the fascination of this culture. Visit these ancient sites to experience the rich history of Turkey.

Troy: The City Of Homeric Legend:

The site of Troy is engulfed in myth, and now several settlements have been built here. These sites date from the ancient Bronze Ages and the Graeco-Roman period. These sites rose to the peak during the Bronze Age owning to the conquest of Dardanelles. The historians term Troy the country’s most significant ancient site though walking through its craggy paths is complicated and underwhelming. If you really want to make sense of the site, never forget to visit the new Troy Museum, which built only to showcase the ruins and artifacts of an ancient civilization.

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Perge: The Gem Of Coastal City:

The remains of small city confederations scatter the Mediterranean coastline of Turkey. These confederations are Lydia, Pisidia, and Lycia. It was the Iron Age that gave prominence to these confederations. As per the lore, Perge was founded by the refugees who were escaping the Trojan War. Their escape gave birth to the ascent of this city. The vast and overwhelming ruins include the monuments of nymphs, commanding Hellenistic gates, and various bath complexes. To capture the mesmerizing sweep of the street, you can climb up to the acropolis.

Patara: A City Of Classical Age:

Lots of Mediterranean city-states were flooded into the Persian empires that vouched for control over Anatolia. However, the fierce independence movement of Lycia gave the locals some sort of autonomy. Patara is basically a confederation of 23 cities that are still self-governed. This region is believed to have the longest stretch of the beach. It is also the place where the ancient ruins of the Lycian city are scattered throughout the sand. The stretch of the ruins is 1.5 km long, and so, it is extremely convenient to reach here from Kas or Kalkan.

Gobekli Tepe: A Temple:

If you want to observe the earliest cultural beginnings of Turkye, head straight to the Gobekli Temples. This site has enigmatic pillars, decorated with carved foxes and vultures. These pillars were raised when humans were still hunter-gatherers. Currently, it is not only the UNESCO World Heritage Site but is recognized as the earliest site of worship in the world.

The discovery of this temple solidified the claims that religion is the driving force behind the agriculture invention. It is only 11km northeast of the Sanhurfa Archaeology Museum. Visiting these places will tell you how the ancient warriors used to live in their abodes. Visit if you want to get the ticket for Turkey at affordable rates.

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