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Experience The Omani Hospitality With Oman Air


It's really very interesting and full of informative topic; no one can understand the real mean of hospitality without travel Oman. In-short, the 2nd name of warm hospitality is Oman. The people of Oman are really very lovely, helping and caring. After reading below points you unable to stop yourself to travel. Oman is the Arabic city and serve as the most safe and secure country that receive the visitors with the affordable Oman Air Ticket Price because Oman Airline provide very cheap services for the domestic country and boost the tourism sector with the comfortable air traveling. Today, is going to share with you the hospitality traits of the Oman country that make your travel experience very pleasant and rewarding.


As we know neighbors are most helpful person in the life, but some neighbour has these qualities and some not. But if your residence at Oman, you forget all tension and mental stress as well because the Oman’s neighbor are really very friendly. They share with you delicious food because they know the real mean of hospitality and you can easily visit houses and share your sorrow with them. They are also very caring people, they're not ignoring you, and they are trying to reduce and try to help you in maximum condition. The neighboring in Oman is the blessing.

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Kahwa Or Tea:

The Kehwa is the first formal welcome in the Oman country. When you visit any restaurant, café or even any house, the citizen must offer the first Kehwa or tea to you. It is the sign of the friend hand shake. Citizens invited you to visit their houses and eat or drink with them something. We thought, it is the best chance to know about the norm and ritual about the Omanis and you can easily indulge in them without facing any hurdle. So, never be refusing the kehwa or tea.


Omanis feel fascination to see the visitors and gives the smiles to you. During the visit at the public places to avoid showing the upset face and don’t stare them. In this condition, you can lose the good Omani friend because they make the distance form you, due to the staring and lost face. As we already told you, it is the Arabic country. So, don’t wear the shorts or unconvinced dresses. Always try to wear full body cover dress.

Offer Some Specific Eating Things:

When you sit in the Omanis gathering, always pay them respect and these people are too much polite. During the conversation, they offer you the Oman’s coffee (serve in small cup), dates, frankincense and Halwa, which are too much delicious and yummy. Once you eat it, you want to eat again and again and these people never demand anything against the hospitality and warm welcome. The visitors, one travel Oman city, want to go once again experience this hospitality.

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You should experience the Oman’s hospitality because it is the best thing that encourage you for traveling and make you able to learn about the new country and its culture. So, without any thoughts just visit our website for Online Flight Booking and make your Oman journey flawless and cheap.

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