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Congratulations! Qatar Airways, global Air Traveling brand makes your trip luxuriate. You can approach your desire destination with tranquility, from Pakistan’s first online travel company.

Enjoy long travel with emirates first-class flight that gives best private cabin like bed-room and outstanding well-structured seats with space of shoulder & leg full of snug. Pakistan First Online Travel Company Powered By Travel Channel International (Pvt.) Ltd. Pakistan. Which is Nationwide IATA accredited company, Founded in 2003 & successfully operating the business in Lahore, Karachi & Islamabad. Our Goal is Making Travel Simple & Easy through Giving Best Travel Services all over the Pakistan.

Book Now With Faremakers And Travel Later

book-now-and-travel-later is the biggest platform that deals the almost more than 5000 international and the domestic destinations, for which various categories of facilities available, including: air-tickets, travel deals, airline promotions, accommodation servicessince 16 years. The customers get renowned from all these facilities by using the advance Online Air Tickets Booking procedure. In this futuristic facility, you don’t need to go anywhere; you can reserve your tickets by sitting anywhere, even in the lock down because we are always stand to the nation or our customers in the difficult time.

As the same, now-a-days, when the entire world suffering from the pandemic virus, we also come in the front to provide the maximum services to spread the awareness regarding this coronavirus because we need to fight with it by following the example of brotherhood.

Current Condition Of The Fly Operation:

Suddenly, the covid-19 is outbreaks from the China and cover the entire world in your lap through the human being.With the passage of time, the condition becomes very severe and the one by one country put lock down to safe its nation from each other. When it is confirmed that this virus is revolving due to the overseas traveling or the travelers, then the IATA and the WHO decided to suspend the fly operation, the governments take the decision to close its borders and stop the trading, traveling and create the social distancing because there are no vaccines still invented of this arch enemy shape virus.

The passenger and the travelers are stuck in the other countries and requested to the home-country government that kindly brings them back to the country. Everyone is afraid of this, but the airlines did not able to provide the services, while Pakistan International Airlines perform appreciable services to the nation and even for the Canadian and the Torontonians. In- fact, they operate flights and give the services by taking clearance on behalf of the government for the various destinations.

Many others are still stuck out and request to help them too. In this situation, we are with you and ready to facilitate you.

Your Travel Partner:

First of all!

Needs to calm and take a deep breath…

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We have the pleasure announcement to all of you, especially, who are the fan of the traveling, for the business men and the tourists. You make your travel plan in this pandemic safe vacation and share it with us by approaching It is the online procedure, in this, you don’t need to go outside or no need to break out lock down situation. If you don’t want to use a laptop, then you can call our sales executive on the (0311-1147111) and share your plan travel. Our team will save your all travel query and when the airlines will get the clearance to start flight operation, then you are the first one who will able to fly by getting your tickets.

Because, when the flight operation will start, only that one gets the tickets, who are they already make sure its reservation.

Comes first, serve first condition is the best equipment and everyone should follow it and you are the luckiest and full of destiny because your travel partner is continuously active to provide the services to you in the lock situation too.


This is our one more effort, which we extravagant to you in this hard and suffering time. We know every individual is afraid and stuck in the houses, wants to go outside, but they never to do like this. Therefore, we provide the awareness piece of blogs on a daily basis, you just need to follow it and come with us to fight against this corona-virus. When we all perform our best, then we will get victory soon.

This is the time to make the plan and share it with us without any hesitation.

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