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PIA Will Resumes Flight Operations Partially


Today, Pakistan’s registered first online travel channel Int’l (Pvt). Ltd, once again in your services in this harsh time to share with our beloved nation and the overseas customers (who are stranded into another countries due to the complete global lock down and flight operation suspended) a fantabulous great and relief news.

We know, in this disappointed situation, everyone pray for the one hoping breeze, especially the travelers, businessmen, industrial sector and the trading sector. We are also feeling sorrow for those customers or the national brothers or the overseas neighbors, who are continuously requested to the government and ask for the God to help them and bring back them to the home country.

PIA Maintains The Example Of Brotherhood:

Pakistan’s international airline always proofs the brotherhood example, in the every type of situation, to facilitate the travelers; the following flashback of the Muslim country services is listed down:

  • This aircraft open its flights for the Jeddah during the Ramadan and for the Hajj to provide the Maximum services to the Umrah and for the mandatory pilgrimage candidates from the various Pakistan’s international airports.

  • During the novel Covid-19 outbreaks, it provides continuously services for the Canadian and the UK and many other countries or destination to provide the services in this difficult time from the Pakistan by announcing the lowest PIA Ticket Price and the promotions.

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PIA Resume Flights In The Coronavirus Condition For The Pakistanis:

Yesterday, the Pakistan government and the PIA took appreciate able decision after the deep analysis or resolve the problem of the stranded passengers. In this time, we all need to help to each other and try to give them relief by hook and by crook. Therefore, with the coordination of the Pakistan’s national carrier resume it’s about 17 flights to bring back the almost 2,000 Pakistan’s citizens stranded abroad.

According to the sources: The PIA gets permit to fly for the helpless national brothers from the Canada and the UK (those were the planned to land on the Islamabad, Karachi and Lahore). According to the decision, the limited flights will resume on April 3, 2020 from the Toronto and from the UK will resume flights on April 4,2020.

Furthermore, by the Moeed Yusuf: from April 3, 11 and 17, Pakistan’s chief executive airline flights will fly to several countries, while special flights will fly to places where our nationals are stranded to bring them back safely.

Deep Examine After Landing:

Yes, the guidance also announces that the flights will disinfect on the daily basis and gets the all necessary protocols to ensure the crew’s staff safety, while the flights initially will land at the capital city airport. After landing the passengers will cross the tested procedure in the special airport lounge against the coronavirus and then transfer them to the local hotels approximately for the six months.

During the stay or the test, if the Passengers declared negative, they will be allowed to go to the home after proceed, while others will be shifted to quarantine because of the safety equipment.

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