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Important Tips For The People Going From Lahore To Karachi


The most populous city in Pakistan would certainly have something enthralling. The city is home to all kinds of people. From Muhajirs and Pathans to the Bengalis and Rohingya, the city does not hesitate to embrace the folks of varying ethnicities. Being the financial hub of the country, Karachi is also a melting pot of all kinds of businesses.

However, the commotion and the business activities are not the only things that make Karachi one of the most popular cities in Pakistan. There is a peculiar magic in its air. The Clifton Beach further enhances the significance of Karachi for the people of other cities who cannot enjoy the sea view in their localities. In our today’s piece, we will be discussing about important tips that you must need to know if you are traveling from Lahore to Karachi through Serene Air Flights. We truly hope that our tips will go a long way in enlightening your soul.

1. Start Your Day With Chai Paratha:

Your breakfast is not really a breakfast as long asit does not contain chai and paratha. Chai is basically a tea in which the milk is added in large quantity. The brewed milky concoctions would certainly put water into your mouth. Paratha is a crispy fried flatbread that can be found at various stalls in the city. People in Karachi believe that after eating this item, a person forgets all sorts of worries and miseries. The chai also has so many versions including karak chai and doodhpatti. Everyone has their own preference, and Lahoris will definitely cherish the original flavors.

2. Avoid Getting On Buses:

The buses of Karachi are notorious for congestion and poor quality. Though traveling through buses is quite cheap, you wouldn’t like the atmosphere and the jam-packed interior. In addition, they are also full of thieves and pickpockets who do no spare anyone. If they realize that someone has come from Lahore, they always try to deceive them as they think that Lahoris are quite well-off. However, there are some destinations where you cannot go without embarking on a bus. So, always be vigilant and careful of the professional thugs who will try to grab your attention through flattery.

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3. Never Forget To Go To The Beach:

Karachi is the only city in Pakistan to have a beach. Most of the people who come to Karachi from Lahore often visit the city to witness the serenity and glamour of Clifton Beach. In addition, citizens of Karachi also feel proud on the fact that their city has such a unique and remarkable thing. So, whenever you come to this city, head straight to the beach to create unforgettable moments. Either you can jog here, or you can enjoy the camel ride.

4. Dialect Is Different:

Though the citizens here are fluent Urdu Speakers, their dialect is different than the rest of the Urdu speaking population. They usually talk informally and casually. Plus, this language also contains a number of dangerous words including bhatta, which means extortion, and bori band lash, which refers to the gunny sack. Needless to say, people coming from Lahore will have to learn lots of phrases that reflect the hidden meanings. In this way, they will be able to grasp the complexities of the lifestyle of Karachi.

5. Street Food Is Everywhere:

The food scene in Karachi is also at par with Lahore. Since the city is the amalgamation of the people of various ethnicities and cultures, its food scene also manifests the flavors of different valleys. From Afghani Pulao and Kashmiri Chai to the Sindhi Biryani and Lahore Nihari, the city hosts a wide array of delicious items. Surprisingly, there are also some Chinese restaurants from where you can get the scrumptious Chinese cuisine. The AndayWala Burger is the primary specialty of the street food. Lastly, the Chappal Kebab and the Creamy Bun are the things that will inundate the traditional Lahoris.

6. Lively Shopping Scene:

You can buy every type of thing in Karachi. From the Iranian rugs and elegant jewelry to the expensive clothes and basic groceries, the markets in Karachi offer everything. Empress Market is a huge shopping hub that is always flooded by the locals and foreigners alike. People coming from Lahore can also visit the Sadar market, which is like Anarkali Market of Lahore. Amazingly, the book lovers can head to the Urdu Bazaar, the biggest book market in Pakistan. Though Lahore also has its own Urdu Bazaar, but the book market in Karachi is far bigger one. You should certainly book Lahore To Karachi Flight Tickets in advance to get the promotion and discounts.


We believe that the tips mentioned in this piece will acquaint you with the traditional lifestyle of Karachi. If you have anything to ask about this lively city, you can drop your comment below.

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