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The Best Cheap Food Points In Dubai


The famed city of the Emirates is the luxury tourist hotspot because it has high rise buildings, convenient shopping malls, diverse culture highlights, indoor ski slopes, aquariums, theme parks, family fun beaches, romantic aroma sights for couples and inspired cuisine too. When the tourists want to enjoy the futuristic modern city along with the delicious taste without tightens their budget and to experience the Dubai’s neighborhoods that are teeming with ethnic food points, then they flocked down in Dubai via Emirates Airlines because it approaches them in the few hours from anywhere around the globe. Actually, Dubai cuisine or the food points is the most sought or demanding in the world. The reason is: it is the well blend of the various cuisines. Let’s make a plan to visit the desert spot to enhance the taste of the buds from the affordable food points. When the sun goes dull, the moon shines and the lights turn up to giving the charming appearance of this holiday spot, then go ahead for below cheap points for pick the mouthwatering dish with your family or someone special.

Here are the cheap food points in Dubai, which are awaiting you to enrich your buds with the aromatic ingredients and the clean place


The top of the food point in the Dubai is the Hanoi restaurant. The enrich taste and the serving of the Vietnamese noodle soup make your trip more worthy and allot you some good memories to add in the collections with the wonderful words. The duck eaters must try the duck sausage wrapped in crispy ravioli.

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Al Ustad Special Kabab:

This restaurant is famous for its Persian gems that are run from the 40 years by the Ansari family. The precious gem is the Irani Kabab. Yes, the one bite of the kabab turns your mouth with water and forces you to eat more and more items, like, chicken, mutton, saffron rice, cup of mint tea and all other satisfying menu.

Ravi Restaurant:

Ravi restaurant is the Pakistani restaurant franchise in the Dubai that invited the visitors to come and joint the taste of the Pakistan’s cuisine that become unique after blending with the Emirati ingredients. This restaurant is especially more affordable for those who are settled or come there with satisfied Lahore To Dubai Ticket Price to meet the breeze and explore the world record break attractions. So, to involve in the Dubai style, just grab your order from Ravi and strolling on the streets, while you can eat it under the well furnished restaurant roof.

Bur Qatir:

Bur Qatir is located near the Burj Al Arab. This is best place where you can get the best accommodation with the yummiest seafood. It offers you the masala fish, crispy prawns, coconut fish curry along piping hot paratha. The eaters can enjoy the dinner or the menu by sitting on the terrace and can enjoy the splendid outside view.


Salt truck point in Dubai that is renowned with the small but outstanding taste of the food, it is located on the Umm Suqaim Dubai. You have choices of the three burgers such as: Wagyu burger and fried chicken burger, while the fries and the Lotus Biscoff milkshake are the part of the menu. Just have seat on the fascinating overlooking table under the umbrella to grab the burger and shake by paying lower money for the enrich taste.

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