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Places In Pakistan You Must Visit After The Coronavirus Ends


The charismatic beauty of Pakistan has no boundaries. Even the people who are not in good terms with country never hesitate to admire its heavenly landscapes. The media outlets portray it as a place where there is always something bad going on. However, this depiction is utterly fictitious. As the westerners come here, their perception is immediately changes. They then realize that what media had been telling them was not true at all.

Though Pakistan signifies pleasure and beauty, its breathtaking charm cannot be experienced as long as the corona virus is here. Apart from causing disruptions in flights, the virus has also restricted the tourism activities. As a result, people are confined to their homes and are not going anywhere. However, the moment the effects of virus start to wane, people will once again flood their favorite tourist places. So, if you are also planning to go crazy after the end of corona virus, here are some places in Pakistan that will certainly satiate your traveling hunger.

1. White Palace, Swat:

Tourists visit Swat not only for its pleasant weather and natural beauty, but to also witness the historic White Palace. It was built in 1941 during the era of Swat State and has enchanting corners to surge the interest of visitors. Though the palace looks stunning throughout the year, it becomes increasingly attractive after the snowfall. The palace also acts as a guesthouse for the foreign dignitaries and diplomats.

2. Taxila:

Taxila is a significant place not only for Pakistanis but also for the people all across the globe. It is because of its historical importance. The ancient ruins and artifacts entice the history lovers from everywhere. Amazingly, the world’s oldest place of learning can also be found in the narrow alleys of Taxila. This mysterious yet intriguing place is located only 32 km north-west of the twin cities of Islamabad and Rawalpindi. Therefore, you can book PIA Online Flights for Islamabad if you want to witness the ancient monasteries, ruins, and caves of Taxila. Needless to say, coming here will make you forget the problems that you might have had endured during the days of lockdown.

3. Deosai Plains:

Located between western Himalayas and Karakoram, Desosai Plains have their distinct charm that is hard to find anywhere else in the country. Snow covers the place for eight months, and in the rest of year, it brims with a wide array of colorful flowers. Another amazing feature of Deosai Plains is the Sheosar Lake, which is one of the highest lakes in the world. Visitors will be left amused for the rest of their lives as they witness the deep-blue water with the backdrop of snow-clad mountains.

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4. Astola Island, Balochistan:

Astola is a small Pakistani island located 39 km southeast of Pasni, a fishing port in Balochistan. Once you are in Pasni, you can reach this angelic place through the motorized boats. Terming the Island “unbelievable” would not be an exaggeration. Astola Island will offer you all the enjoyments that you would have endured had you ventured into the luxurious Thai beaches. So, don’t you think that you should experience the magic of this place, which is offering sumptuous joys in minimal amount? Undoubtedly, the lockdown due to corona must have restrained your financial resources, and so you must look for every way to save some bucks!

5. Keenjhar Lake, Sindh:

Keenjhar Lake is another tourist spot that can be thronged right after the end of corona. This tranquil lake can be found on the outskirts of Thatta District, Sindh. The mesmerizing views of leaves floating on the lake’s water are sure to leave you stunned. Surprisingly, this serene lake is the second largest fresh water lake in Pakistan. From coots and ibises to the ducks and egrets, Keenjhar is ideal for all kinds of winter migratory birds. In addition, humans can also ward off their exhaustion through fishing, boating, or capturing the captivating photos. Since the lake is in Sindh, the best way to come here is by booking Lahore To Karachi Flights in advance.

6. Neelum Valley, Azad Kashmir:

Neelum literally means “Blue Gem”. The valley is remarkably stunning and has everything to dazzle the eyes of visitors. It is situated north of Muzaffarabad, the capital city of Azad Kashmir. The lush green mountains, dense forests, fierce streams, and the pristine pastures are the things that make Neelum Valley a heaven on earth. The milky water flowing from the large waterfalls and then mixing with the muddy waters of River Neelum provides the tourists with unending charming feelings. So, it should definitely be included in your traveling list as the corona ends.


We all are praying for the early departure of COVID-19. The sooner it vanishes, the better it would be for the entire world. The places outlined here will certainly restore your energy levels that might have been subdued by the virus. So, take good care of your health and get ready to embrace the phenomenal beauty of Pakistan.

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