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Witness The Dazzling Beauty Of Jakarta With Qatar Airways


Whenever people talk about Indonesia, they usually discuss the beauty and the bustle of Bali. However, little do they know that Jakarta, the capital of Indonesia, is equally exciting and thrilling place. Though Bali is unique in certain aspects, the distinction that Jakarta entails in unmatched. From the innovative sightseeing opportunities to the laid back cultural traditions, the city has a lot to offer to its visitors who come here with Qatar Airways Online Booking. People who want to escape from the hectic routine of their work generally prefer Jakarta to party hard. They also love to explore the essence of this magical city that has been attracting millions of people for the past several years.

Our today’s piece will focus solely on the enchanting places in Jakarta. These gems will not only broaden your perspective on tourism, but they will also enable you admire the things that are generally overlooked by majority of people. Let’s embark on our journey to explore the enigmatic ambience of Jakarta.

1. Istiqlal Mosque:

Nobody can think of leaving Jakarta without enduring the spirituality of the mosques. Istiqlal Mosque is a place that not only empowers the visitors with spiritual tidings, but also provides them with the glimpse of Muslim architecture. Its majesty and grandeur is sure to leave you stunned and speechless. Being one of the biggest mosques in Southeast Asia, Istiqlal Mosque will never betray your expectations. The pleasant environment outside will also compel you to fall in love with it. Not only does it host the locals, but it also attracts the prominent world leaders. King Salman of Saudi Arabia, Barack Obama, and several distinguished personalities have visited this mosque to get the tranquility of soul.

2. National Gallery:

National Gallery in Jakarta entails all the things that an art lover can ever desire. The gallery was built in 1999 and has been illustrating the contemporary artwork since then. Most of the artwork pieces in this gallery have been designed by the famous artists including Redan Saleh and Affandi, thereby enhancing the interest of locals in the Indonesian art culture. In addition, the international designers have also contributed towards the growth of Indonesian art culture by creating the classical sculptures.

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3. The National Monument:

The iconic National Monument must be included in your Jakarta travel. It is basically a 132m high building that was erected to pay tribute to the independence struggle. You have multiple options to explore the ins and outs of this landmark: either you can climb to the top to witness the breathtaking views of the city, or you can stand on the ground and marvel at the elegant architecture. Apart from flooded by the local tourists, the National Monument is also frequently visited by the international travel enthusiasts who come here to admire the classical feat of engineering.

4. Kota Tua:

One of the most historically significant parts of Jakarta, Kota Tua is awash with the architectures of Dutch Colonial period. People term this spot as cultural heart of Jakarta because of the beautiful surroundings and serene atmosphere. History lovers can head to the nearby museums, whereas the cycling aficionados can take part in the informal cycling race. Here, you will also see a number of students who try to garner the historical knowledge of the country for their pieces of research. If you want to get Cheap Flights Tickets for Jakarta, you should book them in advance.

5. Thousand Islands:

Undoubtedly, Thousand Islands is a perfect place to escape from the hubbub of the city. This place will enable you to get rid of the fast running life and endure the serenity of nature. It is located north of the Jakarta’s coast and is free for everyone. Beaches, resorts, and restaurants are the hallmarks of this spot. Coming here and dipping in the Indonesian sunshine should be your best bet. Surprisingly, you can also take a boat ride if you want to see the nearby greenery from one point to another. Thrill seekers and nature lovers should definitely come here to uplift their spirits.

6. Menteng:

Menteng is the shopping hub of Jakarta. The place is amazingly famous among those who are always thinking about buying new things. From textiles and furniture to the arts and groceries, people can get huge range of things here. The shopping markets in this place are believed to have started in as late as 1970. The precious antiques and the elegant wood carvings are the primary things people are crazy about. Since the market is half kilometre long, you will find here all kinds of shops that offer the products in varying rates.

Final Thoughts:

Historically rich and culturally diverse, Jakarta is ready to embrace your presence. Though the city is loud and crowded, it is certainly not boring. If you are interested in going to Jakarta, visit and book the flights now!

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