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6 Interesting Facts About Singapore


Are you curious to know about the interesting fact about the Singapore for traveling there? Surely! Yes, let’s come to pluck out few amazing facts. As, you all knew it that Singapore is considered the rich playground of the financial center, serves as a developing nation, getting urban planning achievements, futuristic marvels and sky-kissing buildings, iconic shopping malls and fine dining places. In fact, the most easiest and the comfortable country has the vibrant history and diverse ethnic culture to explore and visit with family & friend, while public locations also given the surety to turn your tour in worthwhile and allow you to stay there by getting Cheap Hotels Online booking. The lit colorful lights on the modern and futuristic architecture feels like the star shines have just landed on the country. In this mini electro modern world, you can easily speak and understand the sign boards during moving one place to another because it’s all are available in English, while you can easily approach the local transport. The entire maximum facilities are found in this island city-state, that’s why it is full of tourist attraction and perfect for the itinerary for your trip. So, let’s quick glance at the interesting facts, that encourage you to visit fascinating country in your holidays.

1. Land Of 64 Offshore Islands:

The Singapore is listed among the almost 20 smallest countries in the world, but the Singapore land flooded with the 64 islands. Yes, it’s true; this small country has more fun opportunity for the tourists to come and strolling on their grounds. These offshore Islands are included in the St John's Island, Pulau Ubin, Kusu Island, Pulau Semakau, Sentosa and Lazarus Island etc.

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2. Man-Made Waterfall:

The first man-made waterfall was built in rich Island country at Jurong Bird Park in 1971. It’s really charming and appreciate-able, marvelous piece of the architecture that allure the locals and the visitors and also give the chance of the Reward-full Experience under its cool white crystal drops and the lush green drops.

3. Having World Heritage Site:

The Singapore Botanic Garden was established since 1859. Yes, it’s actually centuries older, even older than Singapore. Therefore, it is added in the World Heritage site by the UNESCO, while its most popular attraction is the National Orchid Garden.

4. Night Zoo:

Yes, the concept of night zoo was opened first time in the Singapore in 1994. It invites the tourists from all around the world with grab Qatar Airways Tickets to watch more than 120 species of animal without any barrier. Yes, in the 50 minute ride, you can visit the zoo and capture the animal’s activities in your good memories.

5. Chew-Gum Is Banned:

The chew-gum is not allowed in the Singapore; either you are local or the tourists. You can only chew it, if the doctor allows you on the prescription slip. Other while, it is not allowed.

6. Commonly Use Language:

Singaporean speaks four official languages, including, English, Chinese, Malay and Tamil, while Singlish is commonly used in the Singapore.

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