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Future Of Tourism In Pakistan After COVID-19


Covid-19 has been over almost but still, it lays note-worthy effects on the tourist industry of the world. That is why, tourism after COVID-19, would not speed up quickly. It requires a lot of effort. Likewise, Pakistan has been spending more on tourists' better medical and cleanliness facilities. Indeed, after the sheer efforts, Pakistan has again managed to develop as a new tourist hub. Though, this time COVID-19 created havoc in the entire world, limiting the tourist activities.

Unlike the virtual tours, offered by several countries, Pakistan is now open for traveling. Pakistan believes nothing can replace the essence of real travelling. Physical tours soothe your soul and give ever-lasting memories. Pakistan has taken a lot of efforts to provide the best for its tourists in the future, which are as follows.

Low-Budget Tours And Cheap Air-Tickets:

Though, Pakistan is facing a delay in its tourist activities. Many of the people are facing a financial crisis due to lockdown. The international or the domestic airlines including Emirates, Gulf and Serene Air were suspended or banned to fly. Due to these reasons, Pakistan would be welcoming tourists from all over the world in a low budget than before. Moreover, Pakistan is planning to provide less fares and cheap Air-tickets to support its tourists. Moreover, Pakistan tourist authorities would offer some special discount packages for tourists who would visit the country in bulk.

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Improved Hygienic Facilities:

Not only, but Pakistan also have natural scenic beauties to visit which leaves the viewers in amazement. In fact, it is the preserver of ancient buildings, mosques, tombs, northern areas, palaces and ruins. However, for some years, foreigners would not prefer to enter buildings and crowded places. It would only happen with a condition of social distancing and improved safety measures. As a result, the Pakistani’s tourist industry would be focusing more on the safety of such grand places. Waiting, visiting and eating areas would be separated. SOPs would strictly be followed. In short, all kinds of precautions would be taken to avoid any chance of medical un-rest again.

Private Investment:

Apart from that, Pakistan would be asking for private investment in this industry. Millionaires and overseas Pakistanis would be offered partnership in tourist-ventures. It will support Pakistan tourism.


After COVID-19, tourists will demand more cleanliness and disinfecting flights. As a result, Pakistan is already developing home stays, better eateries. Hygienic facilities and more disinfected flights, including: PIA and Airblue Flights Booking serving better and more protective. Moreover, every public place would be disinfected in routine.

So, if the conditions remain better, future of tourism in Pakistan, after COVID-19, would shine like a pearl in the next decade.

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