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Virtual Tour In Istanbul, Everything U Need To Know


If the life has given a chance to live freely again,do not waste your time, playing online games, and surfing social media platforms. Feed your wanderlust with enchanting tours virtually. After suspended Turkish Airlines Flights due to the Pandemic covid-19, the tourists have no opportunity to travel to the overseas. At that time, the tourist or visitors wisely choose the virtual tour for quenching their thirst of traveling. Your travel partner ready to facilitate you in every condition!

Following is everything you need to know before having a virtual tour of Istanbul.

Checkout For Tour Details:

Firstly, you should check out for the online availability of virtual tours of Istanbul.

There are several official and private travel agencies, which offer a visit to the most distinguishing places in the city. All you have to see, whether the tour, which they are offering, is licensed or not.The tours offered by the official authorities of Turkey, are more genuine and provide relevant information.You should also seek that they are either live or would they be available in videography. It is suggested to select the live virtual tours. This would give you a perk of live questioning and enjoying a view of 360 degrees. Likewise, you would feel yourself actually marching around the city.However, the offline tours offer some of the benefits which are as follows:

  • Video tours could be seen anytime and anyplace. Also, you can pause, rewind and forward as per your choice.

  • You can also download the entire video and keep it in your possession.

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Price Range:

Moreover, you should check for the price rate of the two. Some Virtual tours come up with premier quality for free; others demand some pennies.

Famous Places To Visit:

While going for a virtual tour of Istanbul, remember to look for the famous places. You can select from many.

1. For example, choose the Hagia Sofia museum. This is actually a belonging of Ottoman emperors.It contains the most wonderful ornaments, artifacts and utensils of Queens and Kings of that era.

2. The second marvel of this city is the Blue Mosque. This mosque is the real example of the glorification of King Mehmet Camii. It represents the Ottoman love for marble and calligraphy. As a result, you would see a great range of calligraphy on the inner walls of this mosque. The mosque is well-known because of its blue interiors and flooring.Still, the mosque is cherished and gets visited by all communities every year.

3. The last must visiting the place is Topkapi Palace.Whosoever stops at this, wonders at the human artistry. Topkapi Palace was once the family house of Ottoman queens and offspring.This Palace includes not only the royal kitchen and courtyards but also the harems.These Harems are the specific living area for the mistresses of Ottoman princes, while you can also choose all virtual city tours, but do not forget to visit the above-mentioned places.


The last thing you should remember is to have a proper Internet connection and a good space where you can relax and visit the entire Istanbul. So that, you can enjoy your entire version tour with ease and passion and after enjoying virtual tour. You should note these in your travel itinerary and come to the to reserve cheapest Lahore To Istanbul Flights for the exploring all above personally, because after the long break Turkish airline resume its flights from Lahore and many other destinations.

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