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Explore The Natural Beauty Of Singapore With Qatar Airways


Today! comes with the Natural beauty of the island city-state off southern Malaysia, Singapore. Actually, Singapore is one of the most popular cities in the world, while it is a brimming place with indulged beauty of museums, historical places, ancient mosques, gardens and even with mountain and plateaus. It is enriched with vibrant culture & tradition, chic shopping malls, luxury hotels, and fine dining have held the center stage for Singapore tourism and with so many other exploring attractions in the city, you will never stop to wonder about the great number of visitors flocking the city. The reason is, this perennial stopover city has taken a serious look at the subject of fun and reinvented itself into the modern metropolitan destination. Besides iconic architecture, splendid skylines, impressive Singapore has picturesque natural landmarks to offer. It has a fantastic local transportation system that makes getting around convenient. In fact, the futuristic city is one of the most comfortable countries to navigate in Southeast Asia. Qatar Airways Flights have embarked the itinerary of your Singapore trip is going to be flooded with places to visit. Just have sparkling glance at all natural attractions of Singapore that you should put in your bucket to visit on your holidays.

Natural Beauty In Singapore:

Singapore is the well-known name for the tourist attraction. Blessed with the Natural beauty, It charms everyone. Some of the petrifying nature attraction of Singapore is mentioned below.

1. Bukit Timah Rain Forest:

A majestic Rainforest, present near the Bukit Timah Hill. It is one of the largest ecological reserves of Singapore. The Sunlight strains through the natural Canopy of trees to zillions of different Plant and animal species. Bukit Timah is best known for hiking and adventurous trips along the nature reserves.

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2. Lazarus Island:

A far away heaven in the suburbs of Singapore is an Island of Lazarus. It is entitled as Lazarus due to its immense turquoise colored beach and soul full silence. The tides seem to be atrocious when air blows over them in sunlight. The place is surrounded by Rough cliffs and Wild greenery. Hence, Island of Lazarus is the deserted damsel of the Singapore. Affordable Airline Ticket Price makes you able to land Singapore for exploring the natural beauty.

3. Town Of Pulao Ubin:

In the eastern, northern mainland of Singapore, Lies the Pulao Ubin. The place is not only known for its scenic beauty and a plenty of birds' species. In fact, it is one of the largest Granite Reserves. Likewise, there are some beaches which add to the beauty of the Pulao Ubin.

4. Changi Beach:

Another name of serene beauty is the Changi Beach of Singapore. Representing the settlement of the 60s, this place is dedicated to Sandy beaches and marine natural attraction. Carrying a view, worth seeing, it puts you in the hands of nature.

5. Kranji Marshes:

Singaporean natural beauty does not only reside in the beaches and forests. Kranji Marshes is a name of another natural attraction, which is spread on hundreds of acres. It has sustained nature from withering out in the polluted air of the city. The place is always filled with floral aroma and birds chirping. Although, secured from the public disturbance, the ‘Kranji Marshals ‘carry out guiding visits to the park.

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