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Book Serene Air Cheap Flights To See The Beauty Of Islamabad


Islamabad beauty is ready to explore via Serene Air cheap flights from around the Pakistan’s cities. Islamabad is a well planned city along with the 3.1 million populations. It is noted for high living standard, metro lines, picturesque views, abundant lush greenery, fascinating attractions, lovely weather, the international airport and safety. The capital is located in the Pothohar Plateau, northeastern part of the country, in between the Rawalpindi District and the Margalla Hills National Park. No wonder that Pakistan’s pride gets on the top for being the 2nd most charming city in the world. It seems to be on the legal system and progress.

You should become a part of those explorers, who prefer to travel at a leisurely and an astonishment pace to see the beauty of Islamabad.


The heart touching and enchanting height view on the Margalla Hills called the Dman-e Koh. This attraction is the most vibrant and charming for the visitors because it is located in the mountains from where you can view the entire city’s beauty view. You can find many monkeys who roam there, the different plants and refreshment stalls, visitor’s crowd and many entertained surroundings. Nothing can beat the beauty of this height.

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Faisal Mosque:

The elegant mosque was built in 1986 with the name of Faisal Mosque. It is the largest holy mosque in Pakistan that is most visited by the outsiders or the locals as well. It's wonderful structure is just alike the Arabic tent that reflects the history of Islam. The people from Pakistan come to offer the prayer and see beauty, while from the globe foreigner come there to explore the Islamic architecture.

The Pakistan Monument:

Pakistan Monument stands erect as a petal closed in Pakistan is tweeted as the national memorial of Pakistan. It represents the History, Culture, and Civilization of Pakistan. The four converging closed petals portray the Pakistan’s provinces Baluchistan, Punjab, KPK and Sindh, while the shorter petals between them refer the Pakistan’s territories, Azad Kashmir, Gilgit Baltistan, and Tribal Areas. This is a great tourist attraction or the beauty for Pakistani Lovers and visitors.

Lok Virsa Museum:

The Lok virsa museum is only five minute distance far from Pakistan monument. The Lok Virsa museum meaning is “the place of local’s heritage”. The citizens land there with Karachi to Islamabad flights affordable fares to see the exhibitions and showcases that display the art, musical instruments, and pieces of pottery, architectural relics and religious status. It attracts the many tourists by displaying the unique culture of Pakistan. Museum awaits you too.

Saidpur Village:

Saidpur Village is must visit beauty, when you are in Islamabad. This village is located on the foothills of the Maragalla mountain range. It is amazing overlook to display the blend of ancient culture with the modern living standard. Actually, it represents the Mughal time period that has remnants of various civilizations. During the visit this splendid village, you can facilitate from the different cafes, restaurants, small eating stalls and antique sovereign.

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