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Emirates Free Global Cover for covid-19


Who is not bored being isolated in homes during Pandemic? Everyone for sure! That’s why everyone is desirous of traveling the world. However, it is conditioned to remain safe and entertained at the same time. For this, Emirates Airlines has become the first-hand choice for traveling. Check out what perks Emirates brings to you.

Happily fly with Emirates:

Experience better flying with emirates! The smiling staff remains in service till counter to boarding. Indeed, Emirates has come up with the delightful services for the comfort of its passengers. A delicious gourmet menu is served with the availability of Classy wines and mock tails. Likewise, Emirate provided 400 channels of entertainment with play full stuff toys on demand. Also, you can get eye masks, quilts, and private lounges for better sleep. Likewise, you can also enjoy hi-tea and dinners at Emirates’ terminals. Even a minor can also safely travel without any hustle. He would be guided, cared, and entertained all the way around. Being more caring in Corona pandemic days, Emirates itself provides masks, gloves, steam gadgets, and sanitizers to the passengers.

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Free Global Cover:

The Emirates is known for providing better hygienic facilities. In this hour of pandemic, it has given a helping hand to its customers. An emirates has launched a free global cover for all its passengers. Every passenger would be given medical health assurance during traveling for free. Therefore, every person would travel to all the emirate’s destinations safe and sound. As health is significant for all! This offer is valid for all lounges and classes of Emirates. Likewise, you need no undertaking to avail this global cover for Covid-19. It would be adhered to your travel package automatically. If the same conditions prevail, this cover would be valid till 31 Oct, 2020.

If anyone with Covid-19 symptoms, he can surely seek assistance. All he has to do is contacting on the hotline available.


Emirates is one of those airlines which allows safe traveling with a cozy environment. It has better feasible conditions for boarding, ticket booking, baggage allowance, etc. The emirates never leave you even after landing. Lots of services are available on the terminals as well. Its drive way services take care of your transport and hotel check-in during your stay. It even supports family check-ins and online booking and payments.

Therefore, you should definitely prefer traveling through Emirates; as you would feel the real heaven in the presence of the Emirates.

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