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Everything You Need To Know About Emirates Airlines Flights


Emirates Airline Flights are one of those air transport options which are reliable even under the severe pandemic conditions.

Following is everything you need to know about this airline and its flights.

History of Emirates Airlines:

The airlines were inaugurated by the royal family of Arabia. It was started in 1985. At first, it was the symbol of friendship between Pakistan and U.A.E. However, later on, it became a regular airline for travelling. Hence, Pakistan and India are the first destinations of this airline. Now it offers both none stop and connecting flights to/from many countries.

Flight destinations:

In the first two decades, the flight’s schedule was spanned to Asian and Gulf countries. However, after development and proper funding, now Emirates aircraft fly to more than 130 countries i.e. France, North America, Pakistan and others. Moreover, it has been connecting and exchange flights in Pan pacific, Philippines, Canada and L.A etc.

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Emirates Airlines Flights experience:

Emirates airlines provide a wonder full experience of air travel. It offers Boeing air craft's for better a stance of the journey. Almost 614 passengers can travel along a bunch of friendly staff. It especially takes care of your baggage and travel information. The food menu and staff behavior are always well appreciated.

Suspension of flights:

Emirates had cancelled all its international and domestic flights since 21st of June. Some positive cases were reported in the flight to the Pacific Ocean. After that, airlines restricted its flight schedule. However, after the gap of two weeks, it has resumed its flights to all its major destinations and convenience of the passengers.

Firstly, it would be flying off to Pakistan especially Dubai to Karachi and Lahore and other connecting flights would be reopened. After that, flights to India and Gulf countries would be resumed. Lastly, stands the number of European countries.

Covid-19 measures:

To avoid any other case of Covid-19, Emirates have made its travelling policy a bit there. Every traveler needs to provide a negative PCR test, before boarding up the plane. Small children whose parents are eligible to travel are exempted from this rule. Likewise, passengers would be asked to follow SOPs and avoid unhealthy practices.

Therefore, Emirates airlines flights are fully safe option to travel worldwide.

Current flight Schedule:

Currently, Emirates are flying to limited destinations only. For example, it is offering almost five Islamabad flights on a weekly basis. The CEO has proclaimed to resume more flights according to the situations. Check the website for more updates.

Contact Us:

If you want to experience in the emirates flights to make your fly journey more comfortable, then you just come to your travel partner or visit, while you can call us (0311-1147111) for the flights reservations.

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