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Travel Advisory For Passenger For Beijing


China is one of the most populated countries of the world. It is actually the people republic of China; almost 1.2 billion human beings live in the states of China. Beijing is one the famous cities of China. It is also the provincial capital of the city. However, travelling to this has been restricted due to Covid-19. Started from Wuhan, China, though this pandemic is over, but still one has to follow rules. Read about the travel advisory of China before planning to travel Beijing.

The travel advisory clearly stated in January; do not travel china.

The reason, China was the opening city for the severe pandemic of Covid-19. Its city Wuhan was the hub of this virus. Till 2nd January, all international flights, even China Southern airlines flight, taking passengers to china, were banned. Not only this, but no cruise ship was also allowed to enter the sea borders o China. Immersed in Covid-19, was so immersed that all travelling routes were closed. As a result, most of the Chinese goods and services were not sent to the parts of the world.

Since the 23rd of January, all Chinese visa holders were restricted to their places. Investigations were done to check symptoms of the virus in them. The U.S citizens were asked to go to the local embassy and test themselves for Corona. Likewise, they were presented with special health care.

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Since Late March, China Supported Exit Bans:

Whosoever was present in China asked to stay in China, till the pandemic was over! This attempt made sure that no virus carrier went out of China. Some cities of china came under complete control and curfew for a short span of time. Later on, the men and their families were allowed to leave The People republic of China after complete checkup. For this, the authority checked letter was required at the time of boarding.

China Is Open To Travelling:

However, the travel advisory for the passengers of Beijing, is advised to avoided unnecessary travel to China. However, it becomes necessary; the passengers should follow SOPs and shorten their days of the visit. It is compulsory, to remain in touch with the local embassy. For this, carry your health insurance, Visa letter and passport with you, all the time. If you are spotted and caught under the doubt of Corona carrier, so, contact tourist police and the particular embassy.

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