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8 Modern Things To See In Jeddah With Saudi Airlines Cheap Flights


Saudi Airlines cheap flights operate its services for more than 80 destinations in all cities of Saudi Arabia as domestic and also international destinations, including North America, Middle East, Asia, Europe and Africa. The national flag carrier of Saudi Arabia based in Jeddah, while its flights primary hub is at King Abdul-Aziz International Airport in Jeddah. The member of Arab Air Carrier takes off and land several visitors at Jeddah airport. The flood of visitors prefers to land at the Jeddah for a quick glimpse at the modern architecture and futuristic buildings of Jeddah in the budget- friendly fares.

Yes, Jeddah holds the good infrastructure and all the tourist facilities, at the bank of the stunning red sea city, Jeddah, is a tourist’s fantasy. It will mesmerize any tourist with its rich history, museums, religious monuments, traditions, landmarks, theme parks, entertainment, outdoor activities, souks and markets, out-standing taste of Arabian cuisine and accommodations. However, all the amenities and attractions a leisure or business traveler desires are close at hand in this destination.

Guests whom are wondering what to see in Jeddah? They are invited along with Saudi airline to visit this historic city filled with cultural and artistic sites that are still flourishing and well worth a visit. Let’s come with us to see the eight modern things in the Jeddah by traveling Saudi airline.

1. Jeddah Corniche:

The Corniche of Jeddah is also known as the “bride of the Red Sea” and now it is well organized, clean and famous for the modern seafront attraction with the various nearby restaurants, food stalls, resting areas.

2. Red Sea Mall:

The Red Sea allows you overwhelm shopping experience in the fully air-conditioned environment. In this modern Mall you can shop from the various local and international stores, eat at food courts with lots of entertainment activities, including Cinema.

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3. Nasseef House:

This historical destination is nearly two centuries old and was built in a museum. Now, this neighborhood offers a must-see example of 20th century Arab architecture, while inside look showcase of many years ago lifestyle of local Saudis.

4. Fakieh Aquarium:

You can see the collection of the aquatic life and pretty penguin that make the day livable. This place is best for the children and families to spend time with the marine life at the Fakieh Aquarium.

5. Souq Al Alawi:

The Souq Al Alawi is located in the heart of Jeddah as the most extensive souq in the Kingdom. This place is filled with the Arab tradition wear and art, gold items, aroma of spices and accessories.

6. King Fahad’s fountain:

The world tallest fountain was constructed in 1980 in Jeddah with the height of 312 meters. In fact, you can view it from different places in Jeddah at distances. This latest attraction shares the spectacular view of sunset.

7. Al-Shallal Theme Park:

In this thrill Al-Shallal Theme Park the gaming activities are available for both children and adults. The other adventure ride, such as roller coasters and indoor ice skating feel you energetic and get your heart beat racing with yummy food.

8. Boulevard, Jeddah:

The Air Travel Companies in Pakistan have already designed the travel itinerary for the Jeddah and in this list they never miss to add the Boulevard, Jeddah. It is the luxurious destination that is renowned with the international brands, where the international brand first lined up for a glimpse.

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