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Explore The Beauty Of Jeddah With Saudi Arabian Airline Flights


Saudi Arabian airline flights offer the tour packages and the budget friendly ticket fares to the customers or the tourists, just to explore the beauty of the second largest city in Saudi Arabia that is “Jeddah”. Jeddah is a city of hidden gems, striking sea views, interesting architecture and sea port on the Red sea. Likewise, it is considered the only big Islamic tourist destination and the major gateway of the holiest cities Makkah and Medina, where the Muslims eagerly come to once in life by hook or crook. According to Hijazi history books, the vibrant Jeddah was the base city of Hejaz Vilayet, the Kingdom of Hejaz and other regional political organizations.

With a population of more than 4 million people, Jeddah is famous as the centre of a variety of amazing museums and historical landmarks along the modern attractions and entertainment options. Therefore, the visitors or the locals can shop in more than 10 story mall with the morning vibes, while spending an evening strolling in an open air market. It’s time to plan to spend vacations in the Jeddah city through Saudi Arabian airline because the Saudi airline make your journey comfortable and make you able to reach at the Jeddah international airport as early as possible in cheap rates. So, look at below on the few beauty sites of Jeddah that you should visit and capture in your memories.

Explore beauty of Jeddah:

If you prefer to buy tickets through the travel company then it’s really good decision, but should choose the one of the registered and trustworthy travel agents, as highly recommended It will help you to book Saudi Arabia Airline tickets to explore the beauty of Jeddah. The beauty of Jeddah is referring towards the modern tourist attractions that attract the people from the world and give them the reward-full experience to mesmerizing them in the Jeddah’s diverse culture and tradition.

1. Al Shallal Theme Park:

Make your night with full of excitement in Al Shallal Theme Park, one of the family-friendly parks in Saudi Arabia. This amusement park features are; thrill rides, gentle rides for kids, boat rides, arcade games, and a skating rink. There are also many shops and eating stalls around the park and full-service restaurants.

2. Mall of Arabia:

You can Shop for souvenirs at mall of Arabia. You can easily spend the whole day there and also enjoy lunch from the food court.

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3. Silver Sand Beach:

Silver sand beach awaits you to come and to stroll on the Soft white sand and gorgeous turquoise waters with your love one.

4. Fakieh Aquarium:

The Fakieh Aquarium enhances the beauty of Jeddah by giving the chance to swim with dolphin and make your day incredible with lots of fun and activities.

5. Al Rahma (Floating) Mosque:

You must go to visit the floating mosque and fall in love with its beauty that float on the Red sea.

6. Saudi Flag Roundabout:

Tourists and as well locals like to take pictures with the world tallest Saudi Flagpole that stand without any support with the stunning picturesque surrounding.

7. Red Sea Mall:

If you want to get the taste of three in one, like shop, relax and eat, then must go into the Red Sea Mall. Under the one roof, it facilitates you with all that you desire.

8. Lighthouse:

Don't miss to visit the Jeddah Lighthouse, is the world’s tallest lighthouse that is located on the north side of the Islamic Seaport, Jeddah. This iconic lighthouse is 133 meters tall.

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