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5 Travel Tips To Pakistan And Must Visit Places


If you decide to travel to Pakistan, and then believe it that you will have the adventure of your lifetime. However, it’s time to Book Serene Air cheap flights for the land of travel legend. This airline is the best source to explore the inter cities or different region of Pakistan under the snug and smooth fly journey.

The Islamic Republic of Pakistan has the Jaw-dropping nature, rich cultures, delicious food and plethora tourist spots. The most populous country located in the South Asia along with almost 210 million populations that 98% are Muslims. Therefore, you need to plan your trip to Pakistan under the major travel tips that really make your tour more worthy to this diverse destination.

Five Travel Tips to Pakistan:

1. Best time to travel:

Pakistan is blessed with the different seasons and regions, such as: the flat desert, sea level, the highest peak.

  • If you want to visit the Northern Areas, then the summer is the best time to enjoy the trekking and hiking in the mountains.

  • Winter is also good for the provincial tour like Sindh and Punjab. You will able to meet the history and culture of Pakistan.

  • Spring & autumn, the loveliest seasons, the weather will gorgeous, even it won’t bust with the domestic tourism. So, it’s perfect to explore the Pakistan.

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2. Preferable airports:

The Pakistan’s vibrant cities are interlinked with the overseas destinations and each other through the international hubs. Such as, Benazir Bhutto International Islamabad, Allama Iqbal International (LHE) Lahore and Jinnah International Karachi! Suppose you will land at the Karachi, then for the further journey you should book Karachi to Islamabad cheap flights for the inter city trip.

3. Food and Drink:

The most important tip is about eating. In Pakistan, you should eat only rice, Mutton, beef, chicken, fish, lentils and vegetables with the chapatti. Even in the breakfast, you only find the bread, egg, honey and specific breakfast menu with the tantalizing and delicious taste. Don’t regret tea and different Halal drinks, according your taste. Just eat these types of food because the Pork is prohibited there, and to get to know any country should eat up like them.

4. Pack light:

The people pack too much stuff in the bags, while it’s all useless in the case to traveling Pakistan. Just pack essential and necessary clothes and things that you easily carry with you. If you will travel in winter, should pack warm clothes and jacket, for summer must pack light stuff clothes and sun block gel. You don’t need to worry, if you something you need, then you can easily buy in Pakistan in the affordable rate.

5. Accommodation:

For staying in Pakistan you should book the rest houses, home-stays, lodges and huts. These budget friendly accommodations make you able to meet the locals and culture of the Pakistan, while the five star also offer you the luxurious life that never reflection of the culture and tradition of Pakistan.

Must Visit Places:

After collecting travel tips to Pakistan, now, should know about the most visited places that make share with you the overwhelm experience.

  • Explore Taxila.
  • Trek in the Hunza Valley.
  • Hiking on Karakoram Highway.
  • Travel along the famed Khyber Pass and roam the markets of Peshawar.
  • Strolling in the tribes of the verdant Kalash Valley.
  • Watch the world’s highest polo match, that in between the towns of Chitral and Gilgit.
  • Haggle in the multi-color bazaars of Lahore.
  • Enjoy the beach in the Karachi.

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