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Holy Places That You Must Visit While Offering Umrah


The city of Mecca is one of the most sacred places on earth, and you can take umrah packages Islamabad 2020 for the best way to visit it. Millions of Muslims worldwide visit this city each year to make the holy pilgrimage of Umrah.

Besides being the most magnificent, Mecca is amazingly beautiful and has many historical and Islamic places you should visit during your trip to Umrah. You can consider the religious places in Mecca during your visits to the Umrah.

In this article, we'll look at the best places to visit in Mecca during your Umrah.

Jannatul Mualla:

This graveyard is about a ten-minute drive from the Great Mosque of Mecca. Some places become a priority for visitors because of the concentration in the vicinity of the famous mosque. It, along with the Genie Mosque, is easily accessible on any schedule, however tight. Here are buried relatives and dear to the Prophet (peace be upon him), namely Hazrat Khadija (may God be pleased with her) and Hazrat Abu Talib, who supported him throughout his life.

This fact alone is enough to express our special interest in this site. Our Prophet's grandfather Abdul Muttalib and great-grandfather Abd Munaaf also live in the cemetery. Pay your respects to the inhabitants of the cemetery.

Hundreds of thousands of people fly from Karachi for Umrah, and you can take Umrah Packages Karachi 2020 this year for your Umrah travel.


Located at the top of Jabal Al Noor, you can visit the sacred cave of Hira (Ghari Hira). It was here that the Prophet Muhammad (PBUH) received the initial revelations of the Koran in 610 BC. Jabal-al Noor is another famous name for this mountain because of the light on it at night. The Prophet felt a growing need for isolation and began to feel more and more lonely before receiving revelations from Angel Jibreel (AS). He was visiting the Hira Cave and meditating day and night with supplies for himself.

Mount Arafat:

Almost a million pilgrims visit Mount Arafat every year during their pilgrimage. According to the hadith, Mount Arafat is where all the Muslims who will be responsible for the time of resurrection will gather. Mount Arafat is of great importance during the pilgrimage period.

Pilgrims visit it and perform pilgrimage rituals, pray and make important supplications (Dua) as the Sunnah Prophet Ibrahim (blessing).If you are from Islamabad, then consider taking umrah packages Islamabad 2020 for your Umrah travel.

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The mine is located in the eastern part of Mecca and is a 5 km long valley. During the pilgrimage, pilgrims stay in this valley on the 8th day of Dhul Hajj, and then on the 10-13th day of Dhul Hajj. Mina is well known for how busy it is during the annual Hajj pilgrimage, also known as the "city of tents." More than 100,000 air-conditioned tents provide temporary accommodation for pilgrims visiting during the pilgrimage festival.

Jamarat Bridge is located in the Mina Valley. It is the stoning of the satanic ritual performed between sunrise and sunset on the last day of Hajj. Mina is where pilgrims threw stones in memory of the occasion when the Prophet Ibrahim stoned a Shaitan as he tried to stand between him and the order Allah had given him.

The Site of Battle of Badr:

The Battle of Badr is mentioned in the Koran because it was one of the first Islamic battles fought by the Prophet Muhammad. People can still get a glimpse of this battlefield when visiting the city of Mecca.

The Battle of Badr is very important in Islamic history and was also very important to the lives of the Prophet and his followers, who fought for the only true and acceptable religion of Allah (SWT) against the Makkah's pagans and won the battle with angles' support.

This place is located almost 330 kilometres from Mecca. You can also take Umrah Packages Karachi 2020 if you are from the province of Sindh.

Masjid al-Jinn:

The incident related to this place, which is very supernatural in nature, aroused particular interest in this mosque. The Holy Prophet (peace be upon him) was influencing them when reciting the Holy Qur'an to a group of passing Genies. No wonder these Genies felt the grace of these verses of the Koran and fell under their spell. The Holy Qur'an bears witness to this in Surah Jinn and gives a good basis for believing this incident.

The mosque was erected to celebrate this conversion. It can also be considered one of the representative examples of the architecture of the mosques that flourish in Mecca. It is visited only by men. Not because it's a remote location or anything, it's only a 10-minute spin from the Grand Mosque.

Women may praise it from afar, but cannot enter because the mosque does not support division properly into male and female chambers.

Bir Tuwa:

It is one of the valleys in Mecca that was once isolated and uneven. It is currently crowded with buildings. Today, the name Bir Tuva has been limited to a well in Jarwal, called Tuva. The Prophet spent the night at this well. Then in the morning, he purified himself of its water and entered Mecca. It is located at the bottom of Mecca towards the north in Jarwal. The word "Tuva" means a pleated well.


These are some of the most significant places in Makkah that you must visit while going to Saudi Arabia for Umrah. You can take umrah packages Islamabad 2020 for the comfort of your journey and pre-planned stay for convenience.

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