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Places To Visit In Medina While Offering Umrah


By visiting sacred places through Cheap Umrah Packages Islamabad 2020, you can quickly sketch in memory a historical occasion or personality associated with the place. All pilgrims are interested in different places that play a significant role in the history of Islam. As Muslims, we should be aware of our remarkable history.Indeed, for Muslims, Masjid Nabawi is the most beautiful and eye-catching holy place in Medina.

But consider visiting the following places in Medina while offering Umrah.


The Quba Mosque is the oldest mosque of Islam and is one of three historically important mosques in Medina. Its great respect and importance come from the fact that it was founded by the Prophet Muhammad P.B.U.H.when he was going back to Makkah.

As old as it seems to be, it has a particular wonder and could be lovelier than being worked by the best man the world has ever observed.

Garden of Hazrat Salman Farsi R.A:

This notable garden results from 300 date palms planted by the Prophet Muhammad P.B.U.H. himself to free his darling buddy Salman Farsi R.A. from imprisonment. Salman Farsi R.A. was the initial individual to interpret the Koran into a Persian language. There are still date palms in the nursery, and huge dates show up here every year.

It is located near Masjid Quba, and you should visit it when traveling to Medina. You can take many Umrah Packages in Pakistan, but we advise you to choose the one that suits you the best.

Masjid Al-Qiblatain:

If you are interested in architecture, you will immediately fall in love with this mosque. It consists of traditional design with minarets, double domes, and a raised prayer hall. What makes this mosque unique? Every mosque has qibla, the direction in which Muslims pray, or the Holy Kaaba in Mecca. However, at the time of this mosque, the qibla pointed towards Jerusalem.

Allah's revelation instructed Muslims to pray towards the Kaaba, after which all mosques had to change their qiblas.

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Jabal Uhud:

The early Islamic period was a great challenge for Muslims. Islam was still in its outset, and its adversaries were developing. The Muslims have fought three battles with Kufaar-e-Makkah, and the battle of Uhud has its weight. It is known that Mount Uhud has aroused the interest of pilgrims for centuries. The plain bordering this mountain served as a battlefield. Highlights are the Archer's Mound, Uhud Cave, and Martyrs' Cemetery.

Only a few can climb, and even that because of their curiosity, motivation, and health. The recommended precautions are, above all, good pace and hydration.Also, do not entrust your goods to other people or take anything from them. It is the reason why so many pilgrims travel with ease.

The Well of Hazrat Uthman R.A:

This 1,400year-old well belongs to the Holy Prophet's very close companion P.B.U.H., Hazrat Usman R.A. The Prophet P.B.U.H., stated, "Whoever purchased this well from a Jew and gave free water to the Muslims went legitimately to Janna." At that point, Hazrat Usman R.A. complied with the Prophet's P.B.U.H. order and gave free water from the well to all Muslims.

It is a living site of Islamic lessons that Muslims are pleased with. If you are planning to visit Hijaz this year to offer Umrah, consider taking umrah packages Islamabad.

Masjid e Ghamama:

It is a non-existent mosque from ancient times, right next to Roza-e-Rasool, and marks the Prophet (peace be upon him) led the Eid prayer. But these Eid prayers were not offered in any suitable mosque. Far away from here! The Saudi government later built the mosque that pilgrims see today. However, for another reason, it is called the Ghamama Mosque. The Prophet P.B.U.H. has visited this plain on other occasions other than Eiden.

On one such event, he needed to petition God for a downpour. What's more, since the climate was shady when the Prophet P.B.U.H. asked there, it enlivened the mosque's name. Ghamama implies mists.

Al-Medina Museum:

Situated on King Abdul Aziz Street in the City of Knowledge in Medina, it is the first and most established exhibition hall in Medina gave to Islam's set of experiences. A unique museum showcases the rich heritage of Islam and diverse culture that will take you back to the chronological age with striking paintings and images. The museum also details the Prophet Muhammad P.B.U.H. publishing magazines' life and conducts seminars on the city's history and culture.

The Al-Medina Museum is open from Saturday to Thursday. Whenever you perform Umrah by taking Umrah packages in Pakistan,don't forget to visit this museum to learn about earlier Islam.

Islamic University:

The Islamic University was founded in 1961 by the government of Saudi Arabia and specialized in Islamic subjects. It conforms to Salafi ideology and received N.C.A.A.A. (National Academic Accreditation and Assessment) accreditation in April 2017. The main goal is to convey the message of Islam to the world through Dawah and education.

Students from all over the world enroll in various Islamic specialization programs. It is one of the most popular places to visit in Medina.


After reading about these holy places and the events associated with them, I hope you will get inspired to visit them. A huge number of people like to experience an unforgettable journey to these holy places with religious enrichment. You can visit them in no time while offering Umrah by taking deals and promotions and Umrah packages Islamabad.

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